Can the handtruck cause an accident?

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    If a driver were to scrape the side of a vehicle with the handtruck and cause visible damage to the paint job, would the driver be charged with an accident?

    I've gotten conflicting answers. One supervisor said no. The only thing UPS is concerned with, as far as accidents go, is strictly with the vehicle. We can could say, a driver could bump an office desk and topple over a very expensive vase and not be deemed an accident.
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    It all depends on how much they like you and your numbers. Nothing is cut and dried at UPS. I've seen a guy charged with an accident when a bird hit his windshield and seen another have a run away (no one hurt and no damage but it was a run away) that wasn't charged. Guess which one always skipped his break- drove like and idiot and had his nose burried you know where.
  3. soberups

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    An accident involving the handtruck is not a motor vehicle accident and is not treated as such.

    I once tore up the side of some guy's new Volvo with my handtruck...I went and found him and called it in to my center manager. They had me fill out a "public liabilty form" which apparently is forwarded to UPS's insurance carrier so that whoever's property we damage can be reimbursed. I was never disciplined for the incident and nothing was ever said about it, we just paid to have the guys car repainted and all was good.
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    Sober is right--handtruck incidents are not accidents.

    I was making a delivery to an office on the 2nd floor and did not want to make 2 trips so I overloaded the cart and ended up damaging a door. UPS simply forwarded the information to our claims department and consignee had their door repaired.
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    We had a driver several years ago who left his handtruck behind his truck, after he closed his back door. When he backed up, he ran over the handtruck, smashing it. Now that was an accident to remember.
  6. over9five

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    Upstate said the term I was thinking of:

    It [-]would[/-] should be an "incident", not an "accident".
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    I did that too ! LOL
    No damage to truck, but the dolly was done !
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    Was that before or after the beer?

    Sorry, someone would have said it!
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    Actually had to wait at the airport dock, so figured I would get the appropiate packages ready to unload. Therefor had to take the dolly out, since my truck was overfilled.
    Dock became free, and in the hurry I was, just walked thru the pc and reversed.... .

    Totally forgot about the dolly behind me, cam or mirrows wouldn't detect it either.
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    What if you had it latched (by the handle or little rubber knobies) to your bumper, loaded to the hilt? You then noticed there is now a parking spot at the other end of the block so you pull forward. But the handtruck gets outta control, and well, does some damage? I bet that would be an accident.
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    This is what I have been told also. Hand trucks are treated as a public liability.
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    THERE ARE 2 ANSWERS FOR THAT FIRST ONE IS dont LISTEN TO(KLINE) HE DONT WORK WITH UPS. 2AND IS you have to report damage. IT dont go against your driving .I forget the term they use but its nothing to worry about ONLY if you dont report that day you will have problem/
  13. klein

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    Oh, I'm sure 1990 will listen and follow my advice.

    Opps, wait a minute, I didn't give any !