Minor accident (gutter) now I’m disquaified? Help?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Levi Anderson, Nov 27, 2017.

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    Hi guys. I’m fairly new to this forum and UPS in general. I’ve just been completing training for package car driving and have worked at UPS for a total of about 6 months.

    So recently (Wed. 11/22) I got in a minor accident in which a gutter that was sticking out at a little coffee shop got scraped and bent off it’s small support (apparently it happens there a lot). In total not much damage. Negligable on the rental truck and a cheap gutter had some damage. I understand UPS has a big thing on safety policy and everything involved.

    That being said. I was expecting the bit of retraining and checks to make sure I was up to task and not forgetting something. And was expecting to go out on road with someone and to do a space and visibility check next week. But calling in this morning to ask what it was my supervisor wanted me to do she told me (seemingly in a rush) that essentially it was about enough to disqualify me for the season. Which took me by surprise.

    Supposedly at some point I’m going in to discuss the matter soon, but I was hoping I could get some advice on the matter and what would be my best course of action if I wanted to stay on for this season. Or if that’s even a possibility which Seemed to be the case earlier. Besides this Incident I’ve driven well and have been performing all my work decently up to task and hadn’t had any real issues. I understand the problem and issues involved but I was surprised to hear my complete disqualification. Especially during this season.

    I really hope I can get some good feedback and advice on the matter. And appreciate anyone taking their time reading this. Hopefully it all works out

    Thanks -
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    Welcome to BrownCafe! If that is your real name, we suggest you change it ASAP. You can do this yourself on your profile. Anonymity is your friend.
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    did you report it immediately?
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    Yes, reported immediately, gave all necessary information and called my supervisor. I would say it was handled well
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    how long have you been driving on your own?
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    As minor as you see it, and it is minor, you had an accident while in qualification. You are done for now. Try again in a year. I might be wrong since it is peak, but you should really explore your options.
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    Small damage. Nothing to see here...2016-11-06-15-23-24--1369219114.jpg
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    First off are you off the street or PT to peak driving

    How long have you been driving before the crash
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    Your(disappointed) supervisor was being nice. You're gone.
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    Changed it, now what? Can you make me invisible too?

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    Nice catch..... I don't know how to fix that.
    @cheryl ?
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    It does that whenever people change their screen names.

    Like this:
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  13. That's not true at least not at my center. A newbie got in an accident here and is still a driver. Just had sups on his ass for a while.
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    He may still be a seasonal but he sure as hell isnt qualifying for FT anymore
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    hmmm, I never noticed that. Not sure what to do. I'll have to ask over at xenforo
  16. Guy at my center is..but I also dont know what the accident details are...they said trees scratching the trucks is an accident. Lol
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    That’s what I’m wondering. Trying to explore my options. And I’m a utility driver. So basically seasonal. She did say something about a qualification period. Really I’m just bummed out. I wasn’t used to another new rental truck. I get it but if I can keep driving for the season somehow I’d love that. I was doing fine before all of that so it just seems like a waist. But I’ll keep looking for options.
  18. Pileofleaves

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    It’s my first season like I said, so I wasn’t expecting full time. Was just hoping to close out this season. What happened was unfortunate but I didn’t seem damning by any means. I’ll be asking my supervisor what I can do for sure.
  19. Pileofleaves

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    Yeah I was going to say, a guy took off a mirror on one of my first days of training. So I’m wondering what qualifies as a disqualification and if I’m just on that line. Maybe there is room to wiggle who knows.
  20. Pileofleaves

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    This is about my second week that I was driving by myself. I’m utility so basically seasonal.