Can you transfer between hubs?

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    I'm wondering, if I start working for UPS, will I ever be able to move to another town/state (and continue with UPS)? When I was a driver helper, my driver told me that once you start with UPS your seniority will only count at the hub you are currently working. Is this true? If I plan to retire from UPS, should I not start until I know that my family and I are never going to move?

    I suppose I'm really asking two questions:
    1. Is it possible to transfer to another hub as a loader or driver?
    2. Can I bring my seniority with me?

    Thanks for any clarification.
  2. The short answer? No

    the complicated answer yes...but

    you'd have to do an educational transfer in order to keep your weeks vacation and your payrate however you lose your seniority when you transfer as far as when you go driving and the order in which you get sent home etc.

    I believe that is how it goes, if anyone else has heard otherwise I'm sure you're hear from them soon.
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    Thanks westside. Your posts are always well informed. I found some more good information under the Similar Threads links.