Can You Work outside your Bid Job?

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  1. What's Up UPSERS, I have another concern. Recently in our hub a full timer switched his bid job (Load/PickOff-Metal Train) to a different bid job (SmallSort-Unload) but for some reason the guy continues to Pick Off for his first job and unload for his second job. The Union came by and told UPS that all FullTime Employees must do their bid job. All of a sudden when Monday rolls around The same guy is still picking off not doing his bid job. We have other people qualified to pickoff but the Full Time Supervisor said we need all the help we can get on our outbound, what are we suppose to do?
  2. burrheadd

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    Why does this matter to you
  3. Cause the dude is a douche and its affecting the work area
  4. Wally

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    I say yes!
  5. burrheadd

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    Oh well in that case carry on with yo badd self
  6. So I guess it's cool to get punked in your hub?
  7. Turdferguson

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    Evidently in yours it is
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    How are you getting punked? Ok you don't like him. Tough S* it's a job not your friends house. I'm guessing you wanna pick off and were hoping he'd be leaving. Sorry buddy suck it up.

    Talk to the union if what you say is true and they came in and said that. OR better yet come on this forum cry like a baby and act tough.... though you're not tough enough to handle your own business.

    Enjoy the work week and put a smile on your face handsome man.
  9. You the real MVP, I'm not crying, it's called asking for advice. If you don't like what I'm asking you can EAD, and by the way I am a pickoff, and just cause I said dude is a douche don't mean we dislike him, what's effecting our work area is UPS making up rules forcing folks to work in situations that's not cool
  10. 542thruNthru

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    The only thing you said that made any sense was that I'm the real MVP.

    I'm sure you don't dislike a guy you want out of your area and you call a douche. I do that to everyone I like to work with.

    Get a towel man. Your tears are blurring your eyes and you're writing nonsense
  11. Yessir
  12. FrigidFTSup

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    Your job, WAD
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  13. Dr.Brown

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    not sure how it's affecting you?

    sometimes I have to deliver air for another driver.

    the effects are putting me on my route later in the morning and making me stay out later.

  14. So it's cool to work outside your bid job just cause, I get it, thanks for the advice, you guys are the best
  15. Dr.Brown

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    your bid job is "package handler" right?
  16. hondo

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    If the bid was WAD, then yeah.

    But since the shifts had specific job descriptions, it would be a very bad idea to let the company change it on a whim. (Unless your contract language isn't strong enough to fight it).
  17. 1000RR

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    I would file on it. We had a situation here where an art 22 was picking off when pick off wasn't on his job bid. His job bid was irregs/unload. By picking off he screwed the next guy in line for pickoff out of it even though he had more seniority. I agree with seniority but if you sign a full time bid then I agree you should work according to that bid. If your situation is like this I would file.
  18. hondo

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    Also potentially screwing all 22.3s by setting precedence for the bid jobs to be converted to WAD.
  19. waahhhhhhh$$$$$$
    nah, I'm a pickoff with highest seniority on the belt
  20. It would also open up more jobs for PTers to become FT but I see being selfish is your forte