Canadian overgoods?

Discussion in 'UPSers International' started by FMX, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. FMX

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    Anyone know where the Canadian overgoods end up? I know the U.S. overgoods end up at auction-land / ebay but does the same thing happen with the Canadian overgoods? Thanks
  2. Miss Victoria

    Miss Victoria Member

    think so, but it's somewhere on the eastern side...
  3. Raw

    Raw Raw Member

    I know a Canadian and he hads shifty eyes. They are a society funded on lies because they call ham Canadian Bacon when they know it's just ham.
  4. jlphotog

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    No Canadian has ever used the term Canadian Bacon (except when talking about the movie by that title). That is something dreamed up by our friends to the south. :tongue_sm
  5. canon

    canon Member

    They're also out to jam up our vending machines with their odd looking coins.
  6. jlphotog

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    Shhh! Don't tell anyone but we are slowly taking over your country, one vending machine at a time.

    There is a reason we call our $1.00 and $2.00 coins Loonies and Toonies.
  7. canon

    canon Member

    Just the country? We're on to your plans for world domination:

    Americans, it is time to stop trying to pass off Canadian coins to unsuspecting charity collectors. It is entirely possible we'll be switching to that currency in the near future.
  8. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    canon, that map is awesome,a lot of effort went into it using windows paint or something similar.Trying to write with the mouse is kinda like the old etch a sketch.
    We`ve pretty much got Florida already.
    Look on the bright side,every one of our 62 provinces will have government sponsored health care.
    We will ban handguns and establish a firearms for cash policy,no questions asked.
    Amend the "right to bear arms" to read the right to bare breasts
    Every American can go to europe with the Canadian flag on thier backpack and everyone wont hate you
  9. trickpony1

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    Gosh, do ya think there's a reason why America's forefathers chose to include the "right to bear arms" clause in the Constitution?

    I may have missed some history classes in high school but I really don't remember Canada leading the charge to liberate France from Hitler's invasion and stopping the conquest of Europe by Hitler.
    More recently, I don't recall Canada trying to stop the flow of communism into South Vietnam and turning back Sadam's invasion of Kuwait as well as toppling a dictator in Iraq.

    Ya think anyone takes Canada seriously?
  10. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    trick you are wrong about us doing our part against Hitler.
    My dad was a sapper in France and Belgium in `42 and my mom had a job welding canopys on jets .
    Juno Beach Centre - The Dieppe Raid
  11. jlphotog

    jlphotog Member

    Well trick, lets see, Canada started fighting WWII in 1939. I believe Uncle Sam and his boys came in two years later.

    Also when Saddam had his people set fire to all those oil wells in Kuwait, it was Canada that put out most of those fires.

    And the list continues to this day.
  12. canon

    canon Member

    I can't take credit for the map, it's one of the master plans I found out there on the internet. As for amending the right to bear arms to right to bare breasts.... That's a tough one. I can see pros and cons for both... and some cons I would rather not see at all from either camp.
  13. Raw

    Raw Raw Member

    let's invade!

  14. Looks like Canadians couldn't pull the freight and required assistance, eh?

    In fact, they needed America to come along and do the heavy lifting so they could see how it was done.

    As for Kuwait - I recall Red Adair Service and Marine, Global Industries, and Boots and Coots as being the primary players.

    None of them are Canadian, though they may have accidentally hired a Canadian at some point.

    I'll admit that it's possible a Canadian journalist could have snapped a few shots from a distance of Americans doing the heavy lifting. Again.

    Canadas contribution to the world has been people like Howie Mandel or Martin Short or Tommy Chong... the "oops" list goes on and on.

    We don't hold it against you. We know you're trying your best.
  15. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    Your list of Canadian Comedians is totally incomplete....

    John Candy
    Steve Martin
    Dan Aykroyd
    Dave Foley
    Phil Hartman
    Eugene Levy
    Rich Little
    Norm MacDonald
    Lorne Michaels
    Mike Myers
    Mort Sahl

    C'mon, Canada is our friend and comments to the contrary might tend to upset people. Pretend you are talking to DS (a Canadian) and be respectful to his country. :)
  16. jlphotog

    jlphotog Member

    Considering this is all in fun, it sounds like you have some real hostility issues there What's.

    Speaking of fun

  17. canon

    canon Member

    I would hope people are only joking. I suppose there is some friendly competitive banter just because we are neighbors... kind of like rival highschool sports teams. Canada is one of those places I've always wanted to see, just never have. But it's fun to pick on them a bit... and they're quite good at giving it back. :wink:

    Since we're on the topic, there is a site called (still up, but no longer updated). Here are a couple of the articles from there, one is about canada, the other includes canada. Most of the jokes highlight the misconception america has about canada, ultimately laughing at ourselves for being so uninformed about our neighbor to the north. At least that's how I see it.

  18. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    canadian overgoods end up in Montreal/Dorval. if we want to get rid of a package that we can't quite sort, we put on the overgoods sticker and it will never come back to bother us. that place is like some black hole.
  19. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    I love my country but I hate my people. I'm the last person that would say that Canada is superior to the USA, because we're not. We're nothing without the USA, as much as Canadian liberals want to deny this. However, as a member of the army reserves, I find the claim that Canada did nothing in WWII not only really off base, but really insulting.

    Canada hit France with your boys, too. They fought Juno Beach alone, under British Command. They suffered the most challenges as Juno was the most fortified landing spot (yes, even more fortified than Normandy!) and with extremely challenging terrain to boot. They suffered a 40% casualty rate, yet the made the most progress out of any allied force at the end of D Day. They dove out of aircraft beside American men in Operation Market Garden. They toed the line and fought beside your men, and pretty damn well, considering Canada has 10% of the population of the USA.

    Crack open a history textbook (or just go to class) before you make such bold statements again. Our boys are dying for your cause in Afghanistan. Three today. You also forgot that our general was the last man to stay during the Rwanda genocides (a'la Hotel Rwanda) when the American's packed up and vetoed motions through the UN Security Council. But I guess you missed that part from history class as well. Vietnam was a disaster and you know it. The only good thing I can say about liberal prime minister Jean Chretien was that he kept us out of Iraq.

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  20. QueenBee

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    My parents made me learn the Canadian and Mexican National Anthem and learn about the cultures ..... so not all Americans were raised to see Canadians and other countries the same way :cool: