Can't beat um, join um?

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  1. FracusBrown

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    UPS has been fighting the classification of FedEx as an Airline for a long time. It seems likely that it's not going to change.

    What's stopping UPS from doing the same thing with contractors that FedEx does?

    Isn't basic service doing the same thing by letting the post office deliver UPS packages?
  2. Theichii

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    contract rules and regulations, apparently since we pick up transport and deliver those basic packages, that is what are jobs are there for and we do the job even though those packages go other places. Unfortunately that is teamster jobs lost, because i know some post offices in our rural center get at least 60 packages a day, that could be another half or full route depending on the other post offices.
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    Past Practice?

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    ... an excellent question..been wondering the same thing for awhile...if it's at all possible legally I would expect UPS mgmt to explore that option. In fact I'm fairly certain that's already occurring under various scenario analyses and that very question has already been asked somewhere in the upper UPS echelons.
  6. FracusBrown

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    I don't think it's a legal problem. It's probably more of a union issue. The obstacle would be to get past the subcontracting language.