Captive Meeting In San Bernardino

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    This past Tuesday there was a meeting with VP's at FedEx Freight in SBO with only 15 employees who were to attend. These 15 employees where coached on what questioned to ask, do you believe this crap!?:obeyhypnosmiley:
    Everything was fine and dandy until the questions where brought up. Then everything went south.

    What corporate obviously doesn't understand is they are so out of touch with its employees in SBO and all of the West Coast, that their :bsbullf: charade doesn't work here in the WEST!

    Stand Up and Be Counted FedEx Freight Employees!
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    Same dog and pony show at all the opcos. The VP's only want pre-scripted easy questions...nothing controversial. This is as it has always been and always shall be until you vote yourselves into a union. You are only there to listen to their well-rehearsed line of BS. Please keep us informed as to how the IBT drive is going.
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    "Captive meetings" involve entire work groups, and there is a scripted presentation by corporate representatives to present a VERY anti-union agenda.

    What you are describing, is one of FedEx's 'get togethers', where a handful employees are picked (in some cases randomly, in others hand picked) to sit down around a conference table, listen to one of FedEx's 'fairy tales' presented by upper management, then be allowed to ask some questions (the presumption is that the questions are either pre-screened or the employees would be too intimidated to ask the real hardball questions).

    What appears to have happened, is that the employees were picked randomly to attend, got the dog and pony show, THEN one or two of them decided, "What the hell", and started throwing out hard ball questions. The rest followed the lead (there are leaders, I wrote about this in the not too distant past), and they decided to speak their minds, knowing there is some safety in numbers.

    Why in the hell can't the wage employees of Express realize that and follow through on that concept?

    Corporate management KNOWS that they are serving up a pile of dung to the wage employees, they aren't that out of touch. It is their job, to try to occasionally go out and convince the wage employees that the crap sandwich isn't really all that bad, and that they ought to be thankful for what they are getting.

    Sometimes, they overestimate their 'salesmanship', in trying to convince the wage employees about the benefits of a daily serving of crap sandwich.

    After a meeting such as you describe, the senior management attendees hold a meeting of their own, and discuss what they saw. Decisions are made as to whether to offer some pay increases to 'soothe the natives', or to impose a higher degree of discipline to intimidate ALL employees into compliance.

    Was the meeting recorded (video) to be used as a potential presentation at all Freight locations within the 'region' covered by San Bernardino? Obviously with hard ball questions flying around, the video won't be shown, but if there was a video made of the meeting, it would show the INTENTION of FedEx to show the video in locations (presenting the dog and pony show without senior management having to travel to each Freight location).

    Express makes quite a few videos of meetings such as this, with one or more members of senior management giving a dog and pony show, having the meeting recorded, then having the video played in all the stations covered by whatever regional VP gave the meeting.

    If there were some 'fireworks' in a Freight meeting, that tells me that conditions in Freight are even worse than Express.
  4. Cactus

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    More than not the OPS managers hand pick the biggest suckasses to attend. No big surprise there.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    We were " required" to watch one of these dog and pony shows with Glen Corbin on video not to long ago and everyone just shook there heads and laughed. It's comical that the top brass actually thinks it's frontline employees are just mindless idiots who believe this big pile of dog crap. If they want to pay us an extra 1/2 hour to watch this crap while most of us are just laughing at them and playing on our phones, then be my guest.
  6. bbsam

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    Well they are mindless idiots if they keep showing up day after day with all the takeaways and do nothing about it but bitch on internet sites.:)

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Your ignorance and blind allegiance to FedEx really is the stuff legends are made of.:eek:
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    Well if that's the case, then you're even worse for reading our bitch posts all day long.
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    You're cheap entertainment.
  10. bbsam

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    I'll take blissful ignorance over impotent resentment any day.
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    ​What a Nazi.
  12. bbsam

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    Jeez, van. It's just personal preference. Don't you take solace in knowing one day it will all fall apart around me? Or are you not so certain of that?
  13. MrFedEx

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    Exactly. Also watch out for the phrase "We are considering, which means that whatever your concern is, that absolutely nothing will be done about it beyond the 3 words I just mentioned. It is all theater of the absurd, where well-rehearsed VPs and the like go out into the field and vomit-back exactly what they were told to say by their superiors. Any deviation from the script is major trouble for them because you aren't supposed to ask them anything random and/or controversial. This is where a manager usually steps-in and either tries to divert or outright terminate the exchange and move onto an "approved" topic.

    Freight has had major problems with having their work outsourced, and I hope the OP comes back and can confirm this. That means that FedEx line drivers sit or work the dock instead of doing their normal job. I see this all the time in the region where I am located. FedEx Freight trailers being pulled by either an independent owner-operator (sound familiar?) or some small low-budget outfit that undoubtedly does it for less.

    As R1a says, they are only there to diffuse the situation and speak in platitudes about what they are "thinking about doing", which is nothing except to keep the union out. If the dog and pony show doesn't work, then the Memphis Goon Squad gets prepped and ready for action. I hope more Freight people get on here and spread the word that your ONLY means of dealing with FedEx and improving your situation is to vote for a union and do it NOW.
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    I take solace in knowing one day I won't be working for FedEx. And the light can be seen from this vantage point in the tunnel. Consider this...right now in Argentina there's an official exchange rate of 5.18 Pesos to the Dollar. But due to government mismanagement(they're raving Socialists) there's a black market rate known as the Dolar Blue that's giving 9.88 Pesos to the Dollar. That's due to the rich wanting to shelter themselves from another likely Peso crash so they are buying Dollars. Foreigners can get the higher rate by bringing in cash but the easy, safer way is to use an exchange company called Xoom that makes the transaction for you for a small fee. They only deal with those with U.S. bank accounts or credit cards. That 9.88 rate was only 6 something in January and it's expected to go well past 10, possibly to 20. That means a small pension in Dollars will support a comfortable lifestyle in Argentina. And Argentina isn't a third world hellhole as some here like to characterize them. Thanks FedEx!
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    Perhaps one day I will follow you to Argentina...isn't that where alot of Nazis went after WWII?:)
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    ​Yeah, but more went to Brazil, big German population there.
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    Let's all meet in Argentina when we're done with this B.S. ....I'll buy the first round, and bbsam (aka Deep Pockets) can cover all the rest :happy-very:
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    Just saw an episode of a show called "Vice" airs on HBO. They reported on the wide margin between the wealthy and the middle class or in India's case, the wealthy and the poor. They showed workers in a sweat shop working for 3 dollars a day and when the reporter asked," How can they afford a home or apartment?" the guide said with a sad face, " they live here in the shop". They sleep under their sewing machines, wake up and get back to work. This vast gap between the 1pct and the 99pct made me wonder about America. To some, pointing out the greed of men that run companies is thought to some as un-American. There needs to be a cap on how much any one CEO can earn before he should be hit with an insane amount of tax. We as Americans will one day be India where the CEO makes 10 million a year and the average worker makes 3 dollars a day. And you can say well, they should have gotten a better education. Well, there's so many college grads who don't have a job or who are underemployed. And what happens when a graduated degree isn't enough? Corporations can't expect the economy to ever balance out if they continue to believe making 300 times more than the average worker is fair. Remember too, this county is a gun loving one and these nutjobs own 10-20 guns. What happens when(IF) they ever realize the enemy isn't the government as much as its the companies that sent their jobs to China and don't care if there's no money to feed the kids. CEO's would need to employ not just a bodyguard but a small army for them and their families because the unemployed may one day realize there's a war on them and they have stockpiles of fruits because of the 2nd amendment.
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    Why you gotta bring up gun ownership?
    Just because someone owns a few guns doesn't mean they're "nut jobs".
    Just because I work with and like a few homosexuals doesn't make me bi-curious.
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    Doesn't mean you aren't though. On a side note, "nut job" could mean different things depending on whch group. Could be an adjective, could be a verb. Or I suppose one could be a gun owning nut job who also happens to be gay and.... Well, you see the linguistic possibilities.