Care to send a 'pink slip' to Congress ?

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    [FONT=Palatino, Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif][SIZE=+2]Hey, Congress! 900,000 reasons to plan career change ...[/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Palatino, Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif][SIZE=+1]Organizers of grass-roots 'pink slips' campaign expect to exceed goal of 5 million[/SIZE][/FONT]
    [SIZE=-1]Posted: September 28, 2009
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    WASHINGTON – In just four days, an innovative campaign to alert Congress of widespread grass-roots opposition to massive new spending plans has delivered a message to Congress – "Are you listening to us?" 900,000 times.
    The campaign targets not only Congress' uncontrolled spending, but other objectionable and intrusive legislation and in just four days, some 900,000 "pink slip" notices have been dispatched to members of the House and Senate.
    WND announced the "Send Congress a Pink Slip" campaign Friday and it has already reached more than one-sixth of its stated goal of 5 million notices, individually addressed, personalized with senders name and address and delivered to all members of Congress by Fed Ex. Already, 900,000 of the "pink
    " are on their way to Washington.
    SEND CONGRESS A PINK SLIP (Shipping Included)

    Did you ever want to send an urgent message to every member of Congress, ensuring delivery to their offices on Capitol Hill and letting them know they are being watched?

    It's called "Send Congress a Pink Slip." And it ensures that a brief but poignant message will be delivered by Federal Express to all 535 members of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

    The program is based on several other successful programs of the past, including one last summer that delivered 705,000 letters to senators protesting a "hate crimes" bill dubbed by critics as "the Pedophile Protection Act."

    This time, organizers, including WND columnist Janet Porter, president of the Faith2Action organization, have their sights set on 5 million or more letters to all members of Congress.

    "I believe this has the potential to be the most successful grass-roots effort in history," said Porter. "After all the town halls and tea parties and the massive demonstration in Washington, Congress still hasn't gotten the message. Now it's time to show them just how serious we are with a message aimed at what they most care about - getting re-elected."

    The "pink slip" each official will get is a reminder that they work for the taxpayers. Each is individually printed with the sender's contact information under the closing salutation "Signed, Your Employer:".

    The warning lists four key issues that are deemed unacceptable to program participants:

    • government health care
    • cap and trade
    • "hate crimes"
    • any more spending
    "If you vote for any of these, your real pink slip will be issued in the next election," it warns.

    To send individual notices to all 535 members of Congress through the Postal Service would cost you $235 in stamps alone – and your letters would be waylaid for irradiation in Ohio before they got anywhere near the Capitol.

    The "Send Congress a Pink Slip" program permits participants to Fed Ex 535 individually addressed pink slips to members of Congress, each one with the name and address of the sender for just $29.95
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    Good title for thread, but top four issues smell of Rep dirty tricks.
    Next thread.
    PS shoulda thrown in gun control on that list. Tea Parties= fail
  3. Baba gounj

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    Now the count is up to 1.3 million.

    on a side note since the main media refuses to show the real scope of the Tea Parties come next month they will be held in the main media parking lots.
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    Coming soon to a main media parking lot near you.....

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    Sure I'm gonna spend $29.95 so they can send them by WHO?????????????
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    Cant this be classified as SPAM?
    Instead of the top 4 they have up for pink slips, how bout
    No more lobbyists- or pink slip I cant get behind that.
    And what Bluehdmc said. Its all a racket
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    Would have been free of charge a few years earlier.....Post Offices all over the world, including DHL would have sent them for free. ! :peaceful:
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    Not to change the subject, but you do realize the wealthy shouldered a larger percentage of the national income tax burden under the Bush tax cuts than under the Clinton term tax rates right?
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    I am all for sending Congress Pink slips because they all need to go, but I am not going to spend $30 of my money to have Fedex deliver it for me. I have a printer and can get my own pink paper to print on and send it myself.
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    So far 2 million pink slips have been sent.
    The goal is to send 5 million.
  12. Jones

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    Wow! And what will happen then?
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    Revenue at FedEx Express will jump for the 4th quarter 09.
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