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  1. So, I was out riding my Harley this beautiful day.......and there was a Sat. driver........who was at the very least reading e-mail or texting while driving AND making a turn in an intersection with a green light. Ballsy. Shocking really. In feeders, it's big time fines if caught. I guess I was really surprised.
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    It is amazing how much u do not see around you when you are texting or trying to dial.

  3. I've tried to talk with the guy who delivers my home. Always has the bulkhead door open. He just shrugs and keeps on delivering with it open.....every day. I said "Hey man, they're watching....." Oh, well.
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    I find it hard to believe that with Telematics this guy still drives with the bulkhead door open.

  5. Yep, not a brain surgeon.
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    We have several trucks that do not have telematics or throw up errors. We have drivers that use magnets. We have had center manager's that looked the other way if you were a runner that they could load up in order to meet stops per car. The poster could easily be telling the truth regardless of what the forum know it all believes
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    My bulkhead door would not stay closed. I sent an ODS alerting them. I showed multiple bulk head door open events over the course of 5+ hours. Had I not sent the ODS I would have been in the office with the steward the following morning. Our center takes Telematics seriously whether you are a runner/gunner, milker or know-it-all.

    Word on the street is the next version of Telematics will monitor padding stops.
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    Will you ever learn that things are not the same everywhere else as they are where you are? You stated that you do not believe. I simply stated how things are in my center that allows me to believe the poster in question.

    Also, I will say the center manager we have in place now does take telematics seriously, but can't say that for the last few we had.
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    Word on the street is there are plenty of medications available for an array of phycological disorders.
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    Ok...I suck...what are padded stops...
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    I am Sure upDickNYupser will be here shortly to give the official definition of padding stops I am sure he would correct whatever anyone else says. So I will refrain from inserting my definition at this time.
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    Why, in the name of everything holy, would I want to pad my stops?
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    Careful what you ask upDicknyupser. He has the answers to the univers.
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    Padding Stops - Lets say you Valet at a senior citizens home, or high rise where they take ALL packages at the front desk and then the front desk distributes them from there.

    In theory you record those all as one stop, Many drivers, however will valet them in order to get 10-15 stops instead of only 1 stop.

    OR, you can pad them the company approved way. Deliver NDA, then NDS, then ground.....Company can't say S/*! about that
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    There's a few ways,like getting a concierge to sign 15 times for 15 condo units
    when you leave them at the front desk,prerecording stops,and completing them
    when off area,taking credit for overweights and padding miles.I'm sure some drivers
    have many more imaginative ways to try to look better on the O.R.
    But if they think you are padding,it adds up to stealing time to them.
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    prerecording multiple delivery locations at one stop and only getting one signature.

    ^which I do but they are legit. But some drivers do it just to add on stops.
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    We aren't allowed to use prerecord without managers approval. Problem solved.
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    I talk on the phone all day long while driving, every day.
    I don't text while driving, but I do at red lights.
    I try to use what is an oxymoron these days, common sense.
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    No report generated for DM to see. Would be amazed what that report would look like. The two back first from Friday to the over paid, under educated, time stealing weasel would be small fries.
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    I thought I saw on the news about a year ago that a law was passed or trying to be passed about commercial drivers using cell phones while operating their vehicle. I wouldn't be to against it considering when I'm driving personal or commercial I'm focused on driving. Too many accidents and lives lost to texting while driving.