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    my center manager has such a short fuse. he will yell at drivers when he gets mad. The problem with that is he gets mad to easy. he uses strong arm tactics to run the center. if someone calls in sick he even yells at them. I saw him yelling at the steward the other day. can anything be done to stop the yelling? I don't think he's a bad person, but he needs anger management...bad. I am afraid to report him ( I guess his bully technique works ) and wouldn't know how too. Something needs to change though as all the employees are now miserable under him.
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    Its not a good steward if the center manager does not yell at him. :happy-very:

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    If you call the 1-800 number and explain to them how his demeanor is unprofessional and yells in front of the whole center. That tactic is not accepted period from the higher ties.

    One thing I've been told in my 15 years in this company, neither side should be yelling and screaming in front of other people. That shows a lack of professionalism and usually the one that does the yelling is losing the battle.

    If yelling does occur, It should only be behind closed doors period.
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    Sounds like you work in Calgary!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Leave a bottle of prune juice by his door. This guy needs an enigma!
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    Just remember these guys get squeezed in the middle. They get pressure from the top of what they must do, this however causes much displeasure in the center. Then the center manager's hear it from the drivers and stewards. I can tell when my center manager is being squeezed and I give a wide berth at those times.. Some people just have bad habits. I have a bad habit of interupting people when they are talking to make my point. I know it's bad but hard to change.
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    Politely and respectfully inform him that you do not wish to be yelled at.

    If he continues yelling, inform him that you are no longer going to participate in the conversation until he is able to calm down and address you in a calm and professional manner.

    If his behavior continues, file an Art 37 grievance.

    UPS is a stressful enviorment and I am more than willing to cut a sup some slack for losing his temper...everybody has a bad day from time to time...but when it turns into a constant and ongoing thing they have crossed the line and need to be called on it.
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    I don't understand how a Driver even encounters a center manager (assuming you are a driver).

    Show up to work minutes before start. Go to PCM. Jump in truck and leave. At end of day park truck, punch out and leave. No time to even see a center manager. Assuming there is a chance in h3*l the center manager is still at the building when the typical driver punches out.

    Why would anyone ever "report" to a center manager? I've gone years without intentionally talking to a center manager. What about my day would a center manager care in the least about? What is there to report?

    I don't know what a center manager actually does at UPS. And I don't care to find out. I learned real fast as a new drive that they don't care about me and I don't need to waste time caring about them. I am just a brown uniform driving a truck. And they are just a suit sitting in an office listening to a conference call.
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    Doesn't want to report to center manager. He wants to report the center manager to those above. I agree, the less interaction with the brass the better. Do your job and stay off the radar.
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    grow thicker skin and leave it alone
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    So what you are saying is the center manager's behavior is acceptible?

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    Funny, but true story. We unload our 'send agains' into the back of P5's. When I see my DM coming on one side I go around the other. The dude stresses me out to no end with his heavy, frustrated sighs and yelling.

    Conversations go, 'Mike!' *heavy sigh* 'yeah?' *heavy sigh* 'don't do this' 'umm...ok' The end.
  14. pickup

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    When you see him coming, put earplugs in your ears and let him see you doing it. If he asks ,you can tell him why. If he continues yelling at you , then keep them in and it won't sound as harsh.

    If this action doesn't change his behavior, you can change the intensity at which your ear drums perceive the sound emanating from his lips.
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    Wow. Our DM sits in an office over 100 miles away. Therefore, I rarely have the pleasure of seeing him. He pops up a few times a year for PCM and that's it. Don't know his name. Doubt he knows mine. Can't imagine a reason I would ever end up talking to him.
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    Any openings at your depot? ;)
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    Part time for sure. But we have drivers sitting at home and not working.
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    depends on your outlook on life. Some people feel threatened and offended by a yelling and screaming center manager.

    Others enjoy it and go out of their way to get the center manager to the yelling and screaming stage.
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    I have been yelled at once by a center manager. At the time I felt like he was a 6 year old with the flu, throwing up over a toilet. I was just hoping he would get it all out and feel better. One of the best reactions was when I didn't say a word , nodded the entire time, smiled and left the office. I think he was secretly hoping I would open my mouth and yell back or say something out of line. Next week he was transferred to another building. :happy-very:
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    Call the Business conduct line (1-800-220-1426) they will file a report that will be mailed to the center! I had to do that on a Union employee the other day!.