center manager's Questionable Safety Demonstration

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  1. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Our center manager set up a safety demonstration for us as we came to work this morning. He parked an empty package car directly in front of the employee entrance, drivers side toward the building. He put cones on both sides of the walkway between the PC door and the employee door (less than 5'). He then put a hand printed sign above the passenger door that read "Enter Here" and a 2nd hand printed sign above the driver door in the cab which read "Use Hand Rail As 3rd Point of Contact". He wanted every employee to go through the PC on their way in to the bldg. I can see the point that he was trying to get across but this was not the way to do it. It was a very unsafe demonstration as the PC was blocking a means of egress during an emergency. Our assistant BA happened to be there and he took pictures of the setup. I don't think a single driver went through the PC, including me. Our safety person was quick to point out that she had nothing to do with the demonstration.
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    I hope it was a spare truck. I would have done the drill but exited the PC with a free roll of tape and an extra hand truck.
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    I wouldn't question it if you are smart enough to be a center manager then he knows things that average hourly employees can't comprehend.
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    So, on their way to punch in he wanted people to climb into and out of UPS equipment. Brilliant.
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    We've had this same thing going on for about a month. I just go in through the customer counter doors.
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    What was the point? Learn to exit through the wrong door into traffic? Apparently it did raise awareness, but using the hand rail to exit into the path of a truck might be a useless exercise.

    Egress means to block the exit path. If there was room for all the drivers to get into the building, I don't see how the exit path could have been blocked. Egress only requires 28-30 inches.
  7. Dragon

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    UPSTATE they asked us to do the same thing here. It never happened. It was "suggested" by the liberty mutual rep. it was promptly shot down.
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    what if you get hurt going thru the pc or in/out ,the liability seems high.dont take chances and why do this before start time/punch in?
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    I am fully aware what the word "egress" means. The exit path between the employee door and the PC door was less than 5' long and maybe 3' wide. There were cones on both side to ensure that the path was used. This was designed for one person at a time--if there were an emergency (fire) and the primary exit was blocked due to the fire, 100 or so employees would have to navigate through the PC one at a time. To be fair, I would think that the PC would be moved in the event of an emergency, but why set us up for a possible safety incident?

    The concept was sound but the design was flawed.
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    NEVER go into a pkg car before start time!:biting:
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    We are allowed to put our lunches and personal stuff in our PC and to complete our paperwork so that we are ready to go at start time.
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    We had almost the exact same safety setup last week at the PC entrance/exit in Chelmsford, not blocking employee entrance/exit though.
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    Putting your personal stuff and lunch in your car prior to start time is cool, but if you are filling out company related paperwork, ie: DVIR, COD envelopes, putting driver followups, call tags and things like that in your truck then your just doing work off the clock.
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    I also get EDD and go through it to see what kind of day I am going to have. Is that also wrong?
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    It's ok for you to do because your never wrong and p.s. i am not a member of facebook or Twitter.
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    Was the registration for those sites too difficult for you to complete?
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    Sometimes I do my first 5 stops before I punch in, just to help out. Is that OK?