Central and western joining together

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  1. jaker

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    I don't see why this should happen and needs to be stopped
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Are you talking pension funds?
  3. jaker

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  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would support it only if those currently in the western are not negatively impacted.
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    Where'd you hear this?
  6. upschuck

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    You talking teamster or ups funds?
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    Sounds like a damn good idea!!
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    Amazing Ronherrera is still on board.
  10. Delivered

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    By law, it has to be beneficial to both funds. I personally can't see any upside to the Western Fund
  11. zubenelgenubi

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    According to the letter, they are going to rob us to keep the central pension fund solvent. If the WCT is able to control the funds of the central states, that might be a better solution. Be prepared to have a benefit reduction all you central states pensioners out there. Better that than have our money stolen to fund your failing plan.
  12. 1989

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    I don’t see central states anywhere in the letter.
  13. zubenelgenubi

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    There is also no mention of combining anything. But, unless they have some radical new idea, having the WCT take over failing funds can reasonably be inferred from the letter. Since Central States seems to be the most famously failing fund, a+b = c.
  14. Delivered

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    The “GROW” Act and the Western Pension Fund

    If the “GROW” Act becomes law, it would give the employers a tool to use in contract negotiations. They could propose that workers be transferred into the new, risky, hybrid plan. If all locals and officers in the West stand firm in local negotiations, it would mean no change. But the threat would be that some may break ranks.

    That is one more reason to oppose this fake pension reform bill.

    The Western Fund is holding meetings in all Western joint council areas in the next few weeks to inform officers, retiree groups and members of threats to pensions, and urge political action.

    Unfortunately, Southern California Joint Council 42 has issued some misinformation, causing confusion among members. The bulletin, signed by JC 42 President Randy C, states that the bill “will rob benefits from healthy multi-employer plans (such as the WCT pension) to fund other inferior plans.” There is nothing of that sort in this bill, and it is illegal to transfer funds from one plan to another.

    Text of H.R. 4997: GROW Act (Introduced version) - GovTrack.us
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  15. Coldworld

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    I know that Costco in California was trying to get into the wcp plan a while back.... does anyone know what the outcome of this was??? Personally, these are the types of companies we NEED in the plan.... companies like Costco that make more money than ups and have been around for a long time with strong mgt and long term employees...
  16. emery

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    Where can i find the camack bulletin ?
  17. Mugarolla

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    @jaker posted it.

    Maybe Randy C should donate some of his salary to the failing funds. He is the highest paid Union official in the country. He makes more than Hoffa.


  18. TheBrownFlush

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    Not gonna happen. Even if it could, Hoffa is appealing to legislation and not trying to fix the pension problem internally.
  19. 3 done 3 to go

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    I have been saying this for upstate NY. No reason why the union can't merge locals. The board members just don't want to lose the cush jobs. Buffalo, Albany and Gloversville. Would be a smart merge. NYC could keep their own this way