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    These moves aren’t just Harrisburg to Carlisle; there are 2 centers in York that are being affected as well! Essentially what’s happening is they are pulling routes from 4 different buildings and moving some Harrisburg to Carlisle, some York to Harrisburg and some other York to York and York to Carlisle... sounds confusing I know and it kinda is but if you work in the area you know what I’m talking about!
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    When they first built that Carlisle building it was supposedly going to be a feeder only operation, I guess that changed.
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    It’s located off interstate 81 which is a very good destination for a hub but on a local delivery level to deliver towns 30-40 miles away is just plain stupid! Especially when the previous centers were in some cases starting their route as soon as they left the parking lot with no “ windshield time “ to their routes. Reason being a lot of these smaller centers/ hubs are dated and over capacity for a few years now which is why all the moves are happening . Carlisle itself is not a very big city maybe 20,000 with an amazon distribution center right down the road they will be competing for the same employees which makes me believe staffing issues will be norm over there in Carlisle!
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    Did you come to the meeting or not?

    Going to say no because you were posting on here while the meeting was still going on. There was an extra hour long meeting with the BA and all UPS members/stewards that attended... even tho it was only like 10 people in that additional meeting.

    There are 50 22.3 positions created for Carlisle and it is posted at that building. Harrisburg and Carlisle are still desperate for drivers but ALL will be hired at 22.4 till they get to the 25% ratio.

    Become more active, attend monthly meetings, ask questions there. FFS at minimum go when contract and change of operations are going on.
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    There are 3 Amazon facilities in Carlisle/Mechanicsburg. It was mentioned that UPS is underpricing the labor which is why they’re having such issues attracting workers, especially when these other companies allow benefits practically first day instead of after 9 months.
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    I did attend all the contract and change of operations meetings and a very sad turnout for both you are correct! I’m a 20 year guy with 8 part time years and 12 full time just like a lot of folks in my building! This hasn’t affected me YET but it’s inevitable down the road it will when we rebid and older guys retire from the routes that I wanted to bid for my last 10 years!
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    Thank you very much WTFm8 you just answered my question! 22.4 is the reason for all the work headed over to Carlisle and the same reason folks should be ashamed of themselves for not voting on the contract! You are 100% correct for criticizing me for not attending this monthly meeting and maybe it’s time for me to start going monthly instead of once in a blue moon! But in all actuality I’m more involved with what’s going on than 90% of my building and that’s just plain SAD!
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    I ran a sleeper run through there a few weeks ago and remember a banner on I81 advertising $18.80 or something like that as a starting warehouse wage.

    It's crazy how many warehouses are off of I81 in that area and back towards MD.
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    The language is clear. Please educate yourself instead of throwing the BA under the bus because you didn't get you way. I`m sorry to vent on here except we finally get a BA that fights for us and has got our union back on the panels and you want to beat him down. I have personally seen this BA in action and in fact has saved my job along with many others. Don`t bash him on the internet when you have no idea what you are talking about. I will put this out there, "I support our BA" 100% and you all should as well.
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    Is the work change permanent or is this a Xmas change? If the work is coming back later, there may not be a guarantee of moving with the work. Are you looking to move permanently and the company is holding you at your building because it isn't permanent?
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    I would be interested to know, if it was an actual "change of operations".
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    Too much empty space between the ears?
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    From my understanding is that’s only what the language allows in your supplement. It’s sucks that the language doesn’t allow any employee to transfer to another building in your local unless you dovetail with your bid job. But that’s the language
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    Permanent. Carlisle hub that’s been under construction for 3+ years is ‘fully operational’ now. They took the Mechanicsburg work that was being dispatched from Harrisburg.

    York has been getting crushed year round, let alone at peak time. They took 1/2 the routes and transferred them to Harrisburg where it was now vacant from work leaving. Increased trip time by 20-30 minutes 1-way for majority of routes.

    Transferred 2 routes from Market St to York also.

    Years ago they took southern York/Market St routes and transferred them to Lancaster.
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    Permanent. With that being said it’s very sad that uneducated people blame the union when they don’t get their way. I have been with brown for 22 years and this is the best people to include our BA I have ever seen in this local. This BA (Dave) fights his ass off for us and works day and night for us. Instead of trying to beat him down try helping him and stand with him. Trust me when I say I have talked bad about people in his job before because they didn’t do crap for us. He has my support and he has many others support.
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    Hi Dave. ;)
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    Part of the reason I posted on here was to get other folks ( especially in the Harrisburg area) input! Mission accomplished but I have to say this wasn’t meant to throw BA under the bus I haven’t been critical of him at all. I’ve witnessed him saving people’s jobs from being terminated as well. I just wondered why 50 full time inside jobs and probably another 50 full time driving jobs couldn’t somehow be filled by current part time employees ( drivers and inside employees) who’s work it originally was in the first place instead of off the street hires that’s all!
  19. You can thank Dennis for the best contract ever.
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    I guess this is where the 22.4 jobs start around here! Makes perfect sense from a company standpoint because as long as they run Saturday ground out of the flagship building they get their 25% of the 22.4 jobs that they wanted!