Central States going broke---

I agree, but you will not see Joe Biden or any other Democrat bail out the pension, especially when their postal pension is failing, and Post Office is losing money.
Well the post office is losing money for many reasons but they need to raise their prices and not try to undercut all the private for-profit businesses.

And as far as the bail out of pension funds goes I do not like if they do not have the money the government does not get paid back.
Get the pension funds back in the red and a portion of the contributions should go back to paying the loan
That's my personal thought on this issue


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You want a toe? I can get you a toe.
Take 5 weeks straight vacation and see how it feels. If you're climbing the walls then maybe you should keep working. I knew two guys who had over 30 years and no sign of quitting then they went out on disability for an extended time (one had an accident the other had a medical procedure) and it was like a light came on and they realized there was another life outside of UPS. They each retired within a year of coming back.
My best friends dad had no real plans to retire anytime soon. Took 6 weeks in a row one summer. Around week 4 he was like I need to retire ASAP