Cern: The God Particle Is Found?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jul 1, 2012.

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    I was wondering how long it would take for the first "creationist" to show up.
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    LOL. "God Particle"! How is this not hubris of the highest order? Seems to me like it poses more questions than answers. Like finally learning the first letter of the alphabet. Still a long way from writing "War and Peace".
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    A buddy of mine works for cern. They found it.
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    Actually Teresa told me. Who is Teresa? Teresa knows everything, she has all knowledge. Teresa wrote ancient book which she told me has all knowledge and since I have faith in Teresa, I believe the ancient book too!

    Also bbsam, notice the "?" in the thread title. Oh yes, there are still loads of questions regardless of what they have found and from your POV, it alone settles nothing against your position that I see.

    However, purely in the interest of science itself, it may prove too be an important moment. We'll see.
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    Then Wk, why on earth call it the "God Particle"? Maybe they are viewing the "zygotes of creation", or experiencing the birth pangs of what could branch off into it's own field (even creation science) but hardly something as all encompassing as God no matter what other qualities one attaches to the god concept.
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    It's called "birth spasm" and it's from France !!! (skip ad after 5 seconds)

    Coneheads (4/10) Movie CLIP - The Birth Spasm Has Begun (1993) HD - YouTube
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    Those fools. They repeated my mistake. I also found the so called "god" particle, albeit in a parallel universe. Oh I was so proud, along with my colleagues , as we had our press conference. We even found a way to let people "see" it and that was our mistake. For in quantum physics, the observer affects what he sees . And the mass consciousness was expecting a lot out of that God Particle. They made it into a "God" and boy did that God get worship. And with that worship and attention , the God Particle Grew and was worshipped more and grew more. No longer did we need our special instruments to see it. Anyone near the state of Illinois could see it.

    Yes this was at the Fermilab (in my parallel universe, we got the funding to continue, Cern was just the minor leagues compared to what we were doing). But alas, we realized too late what we were worshipping and creating at the same time, all that concentrated mass eventually became a black hole and slowly at first , but then quickly destroyed that Earth.

    How am I here to tell you all this? I took advantage of the space/time warp generated by the black hole to travel over to this parallel universe and merged with the me that was here (a truck driver of all things, geez). But I still have my memories . Oh on that earth, it was always 22 degrees Celsius (see? I toldja I was a scientist) with no humidity.

    Tell your buddy not to make the same mistakes we made and destroy that thing before it is too late.

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    You think my post is weird??, just wait until "Just Another Day at Work" posts here.
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    Who said your post was weird? Weird is Improbability Drive. Helluva ride though!
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    Heck no pickup,they say everyone is different,in fact I myself have an old nestle's quick can in the garage full of God particles.
    How I came across it is a story that I am unwilling to share here.I will say however that my truth in a tin can will stay right where it is until mankind proves itself worthy.BTW, God particles look just like the fairy dust Tinkerbell throws around.
    It also smells like chocolate.
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    God only likes Strawberry Quick....ask Integrity!!
  14. Ohhh NO!!! How dare you trying to open your 3rd eye and be illuminated -> pass the message on to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad not to force his Islamic stuff and try to switch to gold-standard... May God save you including with Jesus and Mohamed etc... ooops that was my reptilian(religious) brain so sorry... :D
    Was this one of your "light" message on 2012 in NY? You know there is a lot out there that we don't see. :D
    The Ouroboros Machine - YouTube
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    I dont quite understand? Im a creationist and I dont understand how this debunks creation at all?
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    Nobody said it did, even the scientist studying Higgs Boson aren't making that claim.


    As to your questions in post #7, why not google Higgs Boson and for example learn why the scientists hate the term "The God Particle" (they didn't give it that name) why they believe it doesn't apply or you might go to YouTube to CernTV which is Cern's YouTube channel or to Fermilab which is Fermilab's YouTube channel. Fermilab's 3 vids on Higgs Boson are really pretty good and explain a lot IMO.

    The Higgs Boson really just completes the Standard Model of Particle Physics and nothing else.

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    I think a nobel prize winner by the name of Leo Lederman (something like that ) coined the phrase with a book he wrote. I am going to guess that the published pushed for that title.
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    His book is where the name came from and the Media itself just ran with it. Peter Higgs for whom the Higgs Boson is named has always hated that name and has expressed so.
  19. Really interesting vids, just on the side note also in the movie Angels and Demons(yeah that movie!) it showed that exact same procedure and after that, well... the Vatican(key of Solomon) was literally on FIRE! just saying :D Ohh bummer their emergency code is not 74 it's 113 more months to go, time is ticking...
    These (scary)science development can be dangerous for religions... and now I just added my piece to the massive planetary (sleeping)consciousness. :devil3:
    Was it weird enough pickup? :happy-very:
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    Good call.