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    Who has to do them?? They make us do them every month here. They give you the answers to the test. Now they have some OSHA audit coming in a couple weeks so they are trying to do everything they cn to make us memorize this stuff to make them look good.:rolleyes:
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    I seriously doubt an OSHA agent will walk up to you and ask you a question on that test.
    The company will go to great lengths to isolate their "guests" from the working slobs.
    I wouldn't worry about it.

    PS- any memorization exercises need to occur on the clock....not at home.
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    All memorizing happens on the Clock.
  4. Actually had auditor ask me and other workers questions. Here they have us fill out those sheets every-time the train is late, so every day. Plus when we have to wait extended periods for loads, they will have us fill out more than one a day sometimes and have us code it out habits training. Had one Vision meeting and was told that we had to cut down on our on property over-allowed, seems to me they are abusing the filling out of these forms to make their numbers look better and disguise the time we are wasting waiting for a unreliable train that is averaging two days over 2.5 hours late and two over 1 hour late. Had one day it was just under 4 hours late, and when they started to unload the train they unload each trailer and container down the roll, not like the old days when they cared about our business and unloaded just our trailers first then went back and unloaded the other companies.
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    auditors can and do interview employees with a member of the safety committee present. Tricks right in that it probably will not be an osha person but it will be a ketter person who audits for OSHA.

    The questions you are expected to know the answers too and most feeder drivers have some time each day where they are waiting on a load or pickup to finish up where they could memorize the information.

    This thread again is another one that misrepresents the seriousness of this quiz. This is not some managment exercise where we teach the bears how to dance to make ourselves look good. This monthly quiz is a requirement dictated by our agreement to comply with OSHA regulatory compliance. We agree to train our people and the monthly tests and ketter audits confirm that training.

    Feeder drivers have had the training on the material through their yearly rides and yearly haz mat training. You can be held accountable for the information.
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    I respectfully disagree. What quiz is ever given where 100% of the answers are 100% identical? If it is a true quiz, one where the quiz giver is actually interested in the knowledge of the person being quized, then there would not be a verbal answer given to the test taker. Instead, the test would be given in test environment.

    Is it any wonder why when all tests show a 100% knowledge of the subject matter, but yet we have less than that on the ketter audits?

    All these "quizzes" show ketter is that you were presented the answers to the questions. Not that you have a working knowledge of the issues involved.

    Then also you have that wonderful management attitude to the test. Dont know how it is where you run the show, but the hourly catch the managements attitude that all this is just a bunch of crap that we have to go through to please ketter so we can keep Osha off our backs. But yet each and every day you see people violate the very things we are trying to teach them. Why would that be you think?:wink:

  7. So what's the big deal on knowing the answers to a few safety questions? By now we have all seen them and heard them enough times. I've been asked to know the material, so I've read them and reviewed them, how tough was that? I don't understand why people complain about the questions, that is of course if the material is over your head. Maybe some people need the picture version.
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    Actually Dannyboy, you are the one without a clue, if a management person doesn't score high enough or receives bad marks on a Ketter audit, they lose their job. Hourlies have union representation, so even if they are so stupid as to not know questions that have been drilled into their heads repeatedly, they still get to work. Ketter and OSHA are there for a reason, and we as management have to memorize it, as well as all the hourlies, but our punishment is a lot harsher than your little slap on the wrist.
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    Hey 4

    I dont recall any statement about if, whether, or any other wording about if management knows or not. What I was commenting on was their attitude toward their training of hourly, Obiously which is something you dont have a clue about.

    So if you will kindly re-read my post.......

    One of the things that I have begun to realize that is missing is the top down leadership that has been a cornerstone of our company for the last 85-95 years. Leading by example has never been something that has led this company in the wrong direction. When you see things like integrity, honesty, and other attributes that used to be valued above all else, falling by the wayside, it makes you wonder what the hell is going on at the top.

    Yeah I know, when you find the number fudgers, you get rid of them. Right? Well, some you do, and some you dont. Some get promoted. It all depends.

    The integrity and devotion to safety in the management ranks can usually be honestly reflected in the safety picture of that center. When management no longer is interested in making the monthly quiz a learning tool, but instead just treat it as a "well we gotta do it to please OSHA and corp safety" then the hourly pick up on that attitude and devote just as much concern over the issue as the management team that "teaches" it. Which from what I have seen in several centers is not much at all. It would seem they devote more time and energy, not to mention creativity, to where lunch will be today once all the drivers are dispatched.

    You want the drivers to tackle safety in the serious manner you want, then you need to be serious about teaching it.

    Also, you really have to fail ketter to get in trouble.

    When you have ketter come to the center and find people walking on belts, handling a blood covered damage spill without any protective gear, and on and on, and no one gets more than a bitching at?

    Give me a break!

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    No! give us a break from your long winded rants about your been there done that, experienced that, was part of that, know this, met them,caused that, baloney. I'm astonished at your belief that you command complete depth of knowlege of every obscure and minute detail invovling anything UPS related. When if ever do you have time to do any real work? "for the last 85-95 years. ......" How old would you have us belive that you are Ol' wizard of Us. The Test is fair and completely with in UPS's rights to administer its business as it sees fit plus I get paid to take it and if I wrong I get paid to retrain and take it again win-win.
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    Dearest Dave

    You seem to have a problem with me, and not the post. Of course it is within UPS's right to administer any test as it sees fit. But when the results are skewed because the test is skewed, then who is to blame.

    See you miss the point, in your attempt to belittle me. The whole Idea of the quizes is to get the drivers to learn something, not for you to make 20 minutes overtime. If they were actually done as a "quiz", and the group showed a lack of knowledge on certain aspects of the OSHA requirements, then you could focus on that aspect more intensely.

    Shame you have to try to make yourself bigger by attempting to belittle someone else.

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    I think what hes trying to say is that the only reason we take those tests are for UPS documentation. If UPS doesnt have to do it, they wont. Ive been on the CHSP since the inception. Its just a paper trail UPS has for obvious reasons. Do I wish thery really cared about me and my safety, sure. But if it costs money, and they dont HAVE to do it.... thay wont. Its that simple.
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    Problem is, most of us know it, but why should we make management look good???
  14. dannyboy

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    When you talk of safety, its not that you are trying to make management look good or not. Safety is something that benefits everybody, from the stockholder to the front line employee.

    IF you make it a them and us situation, then everybody looses.

    If you know it, show it. If not, that allows management the opportunity to stress areas that are deficient.

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    It's even simpler than that:

    The boss tells you to do the safety test. YOU DO IT!!! They usually hand us those before our start time, but I like to do mine at the end of the day before I punch out. They have no problem with that.

    If you get approached by Ketter, answer the stupid questions as best you can. Just make sure you're punched in.
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    Thats nice that they let you answer the quiz on your own schedule. Here the start time is 8:50, and that is when the quizzes begin. Takes at least 10-15 minutes and several drivers leave before they are done with the tests. After all, they have lots of air to get off before 10:30. The rest of the drivers are also in the same boat. Need to hit the road. But instead, they are in the conference room writing down the dictation that is given by the sup in charge.

    I guess maybe they feel like if you write it down enough times it will sink in.

    Like I said, the sups attitude toward the quizzes passes down to each of the drivers taking the test. I have also seen where some of the "quizzes" were filled in for drivers that are just to busy to ever take the quiz. That way they can show the 100% participation in the testing procedure.

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    Your first paragraph is exactly why some centers have such a bad time with this. It becomes total BS when you lose air delivery time to do the quiz. Job #1 has to be getting air delivered on-time. (AND without accidents and injuries caused by your late on-road time).

    Someone should ask the management team to (simply) have the quiz due by the next PCM. Tell them you heard that's how it's done in other centers.
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    And there in lies the problem. Unless you have all the drivers in the conference room at the same time (roughly about 65-70 drivers) management is not commited enough to follow up on getting them back. Like I said, even with this proceedure, they still have to fill out the quizzes for drivers that do not attend.

    Funny thing too, in one group of drivers, 80% or more never come to the PCM to begin with. They seem to want to work in the package car instead.

    So it all boils down to lack of management commitment. And they wonder why the CHSP is viewed as a flavor of the month by drivers and part timers alike.

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    Dearest Daniel the grown up man, I don't seem to have a problem with you, I do have a problem with you. I didn't miss any point posed in the initial post or responses, the company does what it has to do to operate in compliance with whatever Federal ,State, local gov. throw at them. So if you wish for them to be attentive as to whether you show proficiency or not in some monthly paper work, that is not their main objective. Their main objective is to be incompliance with the paper work. They administer the test the best they can generally, your conformation to this inconvenient procedure is to attempt to fit it in your day. If you ask to do it after your route and do they usually have no problem with that. You said in previous posts you've seen many violations of these rules, as a shop steward doesnt' it behove you to tell management of these issues. I've seen most employees do what they were taught to do with regards to saftey. As for belittleing you, well between your self-aggrandizement and my criticism of you, I think you come out looking just DANDYBOY!
  20. dannyboy

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    And there you have it folks. In super dave's own words the reason why CHSP will never be more than a file of paper work in the safety office of the region.

    Thankyou for making my point.