Changing positions- Unloader to Air Driver

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    I am currently an unloader at UPS. I am debating if I should become an air driver or stay in my current position. I have heard that once you become a driver basically you live and breath UPS. I am a single mother of an 8 year old. Will I miss my child growing up because all of my time will be spent at work???? Is $ worth the precious moments in life that I will miss out on??
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    Why can't you do both?
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    Is the air driver job 8 hours?, or is it Saturday air driving. Yes and no to your questions.
  4. All depends on center size, set up, and shift. In my center AM is almost completely shuttle. There might be 1 or 2 Early AM they have to deliver. And maybe 1 day a week they will actually deliver NDA. Usually they only work 3-4 hours. If they deliver NDA they may get 6-7. During peak though they're essentially FT. But it ends up being nice because they're doing air and ground deliveries which means top rate and lots of overtime.

    PM Air for us is great as well. Two hours a night M-F. Drives to the airport with an hourly, watches him load, drives back, and goes home. The bid does say though if needed he may have to work more hours for car wash, clerk, etc. An air driver at another center is a single mother as well, she works 5-6 hours a day and she says it's perfect for her.
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    If air driving isn't a full time slot at your location, I think it's the best combination of pay and flexibility you can get at UPS that I've seen. And it's a heck of a lot better than inside work. Morning air at my center is typically 4.5-6 hours a day.
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    Current PT Air driver pay rate is $26.14/hr after a two year progression. In two years PT top rate will be $27.64/hr. How does that compare to your unload rate in two years.
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    Can't you do unload and AM or PM air?? There both PT
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    This has already been covered.

    Try to keep up.