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7 Ways to Get Your Posts Edited or Deleted​

4. THWART LANGUAGE FILTERS. Using spaces between letters, strange characters or misspellings to get around the language filters to post filtered words is annoying. Your vocabulary is bigger than that. Curse words are not okay. We know you know what that means.
Did you report it?

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Some people get banned constantly because quite frankly they are idiots. Keep coming back and doing the same things that got them banned before. Beyond dumb.


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Cheryl was good enough to start this forum and I like to talk to people on here and debate topics so I grateful to her for letting people do that

Recently I was got in trouble and I was told "not to talk about the US govt" even though Cheryl would've supported my free speech because I was doing this back when she was around.

I also got in trouble recently for giving my opinion on the requirements for christianity. So for example - you are not a christian if you put a swastika on one side of the church and a cross on the other as nazis did.

Cheryl made rules and believed in freedom of speech. She did not believe in a heavily censored safe space.
The end of free speech in Canada would be what your worried about.



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Cheryl also was even handed, and didn’t allow a lot of things that happen here today. Vulgar and hateful memes come to mind.
Susie, you were banned for stalking another member a and making real life threats against them and their family off of the Internet.

That aside though, I am truly sorry you have had to see mean memes that offend you.

That must have been traumatic.
Thoughts and prayers.