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    What happens when say a full time qualified cover driver receives a speeding ticket in their personal car off the clock?
  2. You'll continue to be a cover driver, but you won't be eligible to go full time.
  3. I missed that you were already a FT cover driver. I don't believe anything happens. just be sure to report it on the form that you have to sign every year, otherwise it would be dishonesty if they checked.
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    Pay the fine, slow down and report it when asked.
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    And I don't work for UPS,But I believe that the law states that you have to report a ticket in a timely matter to your safety dept. (I'm talking DOT law)
    Fight the ticket at ALL COSTS. Get reduced to maybe a non MOVER. But FIGHT IT!!!!
    Sometimes depending on where you got the ticket,you can work things out.It's going to cost you MONEY,But that's better than a mark on your record...
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    You just have to tell UPS on the yearly driving record form you fill out, unless you have your license suspended or revoked.
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    Take the defensive driving class and have the points removed from your license.
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    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    a personal car
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    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    I knew a guy who was selling for a Chevy dealer when those first came out. He stopped by the bar one night driving a demonstrator. By brother and I each bought him a beer, borrowed the keys and proceeded to beat the living crap out of it.

    I pity the person that eventually bought it.
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    Citations were total trash.

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    Plus the Olds Omega. Can't recall any other Gm derivatives. CADILLAC CIMARRON!
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    Cimarron wasn't an X-Car like the Citation and Omega was it?

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    Pretty sure it was. Or a J car. Still crap.
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    Cimarron was the Cavalier equivilent. When I worked on vehicles back then, we called them "Cava-llacs"

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    My wife's step brothers always joke about her flying a Citation off a railroad grade.

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    Definitely a J car. Saw a low mileage one at an estate sale years ago. No takers.