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  1. What takes precedence the national or your supplement? In our supplement, three consecutive over 9.5 days allows for a grievance. I didn't see any criteria that needed to be met other than the three straight days.
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    The supplements override the master and take precedent except in the few cases where the master specifically states that these sections supercede any local supplements, riders or addendums.

    An example. Article 37 of the Master

    The provisions of this Section 1(c) shall supercede any language

    on “9.5” in the Central Region Supplement.
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    Article 2 Section 2 of the National Master

    Section 2. Riders

    Present Supplements, Riders and Addenda shall remain in effect.
    Any new Supplement, Rider or Addendum, or changes to
    Supplements, Riders or Addenda or in the contract affiliation of any
    Local Union covered by this Agreement must be submitted to the
    Joint National Negotiating Committee for review and approval.
    Failure to be approved by the Committee shall render said
    Supplement, Rider or Addendum null and void.

    Any lesser conditions contained in any Supplement, Rider or
    Addendum shall be superseded by the conditions contained in this
    Master Agreement. However, except where specifically stated otherwise
    in the Master Agreement, nothing in this Master Agreement
    shall deprive any employee of any superior benefit contained in
    their Supplement, Rider or Addendum
  4. So it doesn't supercede the Atlantic supplement just the Central Region Supplement?
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    That sounds like familiar advice.

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    You can file anytime you want. Doesn't mean you will win.

    if there's a foot of snow on the ground you're probably not going to have much luck with that greivance.
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    You get the better of the two unless one has language that supersedes the other. Some supplements say if you work 3 over 9.5 days in a week you qualify but they don't have to be consecutive.