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    The last few months have seen Management Surveys, second SFA's, and other steps to try and find-out why there are so many unhappy employees at FedEx. From what I've heard, what they've discovered is that upper management scores were absolutely terrible on the original SFA, and that they were on a witch-hunt to see where blame could be placed. Typical.

    Look no farther than the mirror, MT3 and friends, because all of your research points the finger straight at you. There is no communication failure on the part of lower management, so you cannot blame them...even though that's what you're trying to do. Your message is the problem, and as long as you keep pushing harder for more while simultaneously providing less, you're going to have a lot of unhappy people. 2+2=1, at least there in MEM.

    Somewhere along the way, you've forgotten that employees actually come to work to make a living, and your crap wages and non-retirement plan send a strong signal to hourlies that we're nothing to you but units of production with no real future at a company that could care less. Who's going to buy into that "strategic vision", MT3? You're totally full of it, and every time you appear on Frontline, we just laugh at you because you are a total moron. The 2+2=5 theory of synergy only occurs when employees actually buy into the vision, so as funny as you are, you're not accomplishing much for the company except comic relief.

    Here's some reality for you. If and when the economy ever improves, the most productive and profitable sector of your workforce is going to abandon droves. Let's see how you do with a bunch of $14 per hour 20-somethings that have absolutely no investment in or loyalty to FedEx Express. Only then will you learn the true meaning of the phrase "You Get What You Pay For".
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    Guys like MT3 basically make their living by throwing employees under the bus while Fred overcompensates them. Then they can't understand why people are unhappy.

    Get a clue upper (mis)mangement.
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    I'll tell you why I'm not happy.Our medical coverage is going way up.Over where im at we are switching to blue shield and there is a $900 deductible for specialists.I cant afford that.
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    You have a bad attitude. You need to bend-down, kiss Fred's ring, and thank him (and God) that you have a job at FedEx. What is wrong with you? Fred says you don't need a specialist. That should be good enough for anyone. (He could care less that you won't get the care you need).
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    You mean couldn't care less braniac.
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    He could care less or he couldn't care less. Either way, Fred doesn't care, which was my point. Let's ask Satellite Driver, the mod, who is pretty good with the English language. I didn't major in English and make no claims of being a braniac.
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    braniac? Is that a new cereal?
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    If it were, I can think of a few people who need to start eating a lot of it. Perhaps it's fortified with extra brain cells, or maybe some rationality.