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A couple years ago, had another neighbor kids Dad come and talk to me. Wanted to know if I could get

him a job. Told him nope, gotta apply online. But, I'll check on him from time to time. He lasted 2 days.

Didn't have the heart to tell his Dad (the truth). His son was 5'7" and weighed about 300 lbs.

That’s a Feeder physique

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Just like your 9.5 grievances...
Just can't get through a day without putting your foot on some bar-unit's neck. The collective bargaining agreement is law and it applies to both sides. Except you refuse to obey it when its difficult for you.

Because you're lazy and hate to do the right thing.


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If you are working PT at UPS and don't have a second job or living with your parents, you already are on welfare.
Not necessarily true. When I got this job I planned on getting a second job. However I quickly was given the opportunities to work doubles. I average 45 to 50 hours a week. With overtime kicking in after 5 hours a day and auto on day 6...
Granted this may not be an option for everyone but I am able to afford a modest mortgage and car payment while being pt. I apply for every inside Inside combo that comes up but as things are will take a while to get the seniority for it.