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    Since we are about to be co-located, how does that work when Ground gets loaders and HD does it themselves?

    I think by design, the corresponding routes are supposed to be back to back on the belt. I just don't see that fitting the dimensions of our building and setup.
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    Yes, Ground has their loaders and HD will just have a few on their side stacking boxes behind the HD vans. Spacing between the belts can be an issue as the HD vans have gotten bigger and depending on how many pallets they have out from the belt. Peak is really bad as the HD volume explodes the vans move farther out making it difficult for the Ground guys on the next belt to get out.
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  3. soc151

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    Those HD guys eventually figure out how to park when they come in the next morning and their truck is parked a pallet's length from the belt, and all their boxes have been squeezed into that space...
  4. CJinx

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    Our station is set up by CSP rather than geographical work area. There are a small handful of CSPs that don't own the corresponding HD route so sometimes trading stops can be a pain in the ass (different van lines). As for package handlers, it works exactly as you're probably imagining; HD is sparsely staffed because they don't load vehicles and Ground has 2-4 vehicles to load per handler.
  5. WestcoastHD

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    Either way, you'll all be stuck there without pay until the last trailer is unloaded.