co-workers smoking up in parking lot

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  1. before work, i observed two co-workers smoking a substance out of a glass pipe in their car in the parking lot before work. afterwards, they show symptoms of pot consumption, slow reaction time, annoying to be around, slurred speech, half-closed eyes. these employees operate company vehicles throughout their shift and they're horrible to work around, especially when they start burning out towards the end of the shift. i do not want to talk to my supervisor about it because i do not trust this supervisor. is the 1800 number an appropriate number to use? will it really work? what is the number?
  2. moreluck

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    why don't you register and then maybe someone will assist you??
  3. jasar13

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    over under and out. I agree moreluck.
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    Are you an alien or just plain nuts,GET A LIFE:confused:1
  5. Cole

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    Why don't you try talking to the one's you saw doing that?

    I would;)
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    I don't know..... I guess if it were me...... I would worry less about the potheads........

    .....and more about your other problem.......

    ........Mr. overpaid and underlaid
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    Is this one of the guys in the parking lot?


    Symptoms of pot consumption?(something my Mom would Slow reaction time? Annoying to be around.Slurred speech.Half closed eyes.Burn out toward end of shift.

    Sounds like most UPS employees when we get home from work.

    My question is ,why would you smoke before work?That would seem like such a downer as soon as you walk thru the door.
  8. Fredless

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    well maybe if we didn't pay our part timers 8.50 an hour to start, we wouldn't get that many pieces of crap in our workplace.

    as a steward, nothing pisses me off worse than to have to deal with a substance abuse issue..oh well, moral issues aside I still stand up for them.
  9. MR_Vengeance

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    you wanna be a rat? then skip the supervisors and go to your building manager, or be a man and go confront them yourself.
  10. Fredless

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    I say screw them - unless its stealing, let it go. They will be caught eventually.
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    Uh, what is the address of the parking lot? Uh, for prosecution interest only, yeah, that's it, to prosecute! How about the license # of the car...strictly in the interest of apprehension! Uh, how much would I, I mean, someone have to pay for the alledged smoke?
  12. rebel

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    I bet your just :censored2: because they didnt invite you to join them. If you share yours with them they might share with you.
  13. scratch

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    You have co-workers smoking pot or crack before going into work where they drive company vehicles around? Whats going to happen when they run or back over someone and kill them? They need to get fired as soon as possible, this is a serious safety issue. This isn't "ratting" on someone. If you got to get high to deal with life, you have serious mental problems. If these guys need to get high so bad, it should be after work, not before.:thumbdown
  14. over9five

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    Let's start this whole thread over. Let's imagine this isn't a troll, but it is YOU worried about getting killed at work. What do you do?

    I have "ratted out" another driver who I honestly felt was going to get a non-UPSer injured or killed. It's a long story, but I twice saw a driver put someone so at risk, that I had to tell management because if that person got injured or killed, I would have shared blame if I had not spoken up.

    So, you see a pothead driving equipment on property. What do you do?
  15. hoser

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    first off, this militant attitude thing towards any anon. poster is getting ridiculous. this poster asked aquestion without insulting anyone on this forum, looking for an answer, and yet everyone flips out at him in this witch hunt for trolls. underlaid is a troll if he starts 20 threads in an hour about various stuff like "p/t pay scale", "omgz preload sup looked at my strangely". he is yet to do that, so i think his question needs serious consideration. if you don't want to consider it, stay out rather than attacking him over his choice in handle.

    over, you have a good sense of things. moral ethics, however, seems to be something else.

    who is going to get killed or who is at risk is irrelevant. a hooker, your self, your manager, your mother, a upser, a non-upser. it's all the same; it's a human life. perhaps i read your statement wrong.

    i see a pothead driving equipment on property, i do nothing. i see a pothead smoking pot then driving equipment on property, it's my obligation to inform my supervisor, whether i trust them or not. i fulfilled my obligation.

    another important thing is intent. if you are reporting them because you seriously think they are a risk, then do it. if you want to do it because you hate them and want them gone so you can get a couple rungs higher on the seniority end, then you should reevaluate the situation.

    confronting them isn't the right thing to do, you're just going to create conflict and tension. you'd accomplish nothing; they're just going to blow smoke in your face.
  16. over9five

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    "perhaps i read your statement wrong."

    No, you read it right. In my example it was a non-UPSer. But I would have reported it no matter who was at risk.

    OK, Hoser, you have now reported it to your sup, who you may or may not trust. Tomorrow, the same two are smoking pot and still driving on property. You have already fulfilled your obligation to report dangerous behavior. Has your sup done nothing? What do you do now?
  17. Channahon

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    Last I heard, pot is illegal. Let's see breaking the law on UPS property, putting themselves and the general public in jeopardy.
    Call the 1-800 number or your local Security hotline. Action will be taken to resolve this illegal behavior.

    I've seen it many times in my career. The only difference between drinking in the parking lot before work, is alcohol is legal. But the bottom line is both substances can and will impair your judgement.
  18. toonertoo

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    I would probably tell them that its not a good thing to do, if the wrong person spots them they will get fired.
    If it continued Id have to report it. Even if its a troll, it is a safety concern. I dont feel it necessarily is, just someone who wants anonimity, its possible.

    I dont care what anyone does in their off work time, but when you come to work and drive a 4 ton? vehicle around people from the outside as well as insiders, you have to be alert. If you are too stupid to know that, you are too stupid to be at UPS.
  19. rebel

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    We have a sales rep and a on car sup that are both pot heads. I dont think they smoke while at work but they party hard. Should I call the 800 number since it is illegal.
  20. browniehound

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    If its 2 teenagers unloading trucks, I wouldn't report them. They are only hurting themselves. UPS is so desperate to retain loaders/unloaders perhaps it helps them work and thus they'll stay longer.

    But, if its an employee that operates even a bulk train he should be reported as everyone's safety is concerened.

    Also, someone brought up the point about the legal drug alchohol. I know weed can impair you abilty/judgement, alchohol is much, much worse. Alchohol causes slurred speech, blurred vision and total loss of control of your body (being "legless'"). If you're drunk you are a danger to yourself and society. Marijuana just makes you laugh, then tired, then have the munchies, and ultimitley stupid.