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    If not, tell him to post here and we will help walk him through this mess. A large group of minds focused together can come up with more solutions than just one.

    Make sure that the union rep is knowledgeable. To many dont know, are too busy, or just dont care.

    As for what you entered, they have the records. IT is their burden to PROVE everything that they allege. Make em prove it. Never take anything they say at face value, make them show you the paperwork.

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    After 18 years (16 as steward), my horse just wore out trying to carry the white knight around. I cannot fight every inequity with company all by myself. If nobody wants to confront management with their concerns or have their names mentioned but the problem solved the steward immediately by the steward.
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    May I ask which DIAD software you are using?

    I have never seen a "cash only" or similar prompt.

    I was in the office last week over a COD that I collected a check for and UPS claimed that it was cash only. I was fortunate- the customer still had the box and I again proved the company wrong. This has happened with several drivers lately in our area. There is no way to go back and prove your case unless you can find the tag.
    Also, I had to call in for a 1Z barcode that was a COD. The amount was fine, the barcode was torn. I was told over the phone that it was a cash only- yet there was NOTHING on the label!
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    Judging by your post #19 and #21, a reasonable person could easily assume that the company has an underlying streak of dishonesty.

    Whatever happened to "the most admired company" in the shipping business that so espouses honesty and integrity?

    I guess "The Good Ship Lollipop" must have sank.
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    The prompt for cashier check/money order only comes up if you use a non-delivery option (CL or NI) besides NM. If they pay for the COD or sheet NM, you will never see the prompt.

    Thats why the company usually loses these grievances. Since a code 72 for ground COD can be check or certified funds, the only ways for company to prove it was ceretified funds is to habe the actual parcel or possibly a driver answering the prompt on a previous deliver (that driver could have made a sheeting error too)

    Like I said earlier its not the problem the company makes it out to be or they could code checks acceptable and certified funds differently in the barcode.
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    Agreed. Too many times I have had people come to me with problems, then when I address the problem with the company the person backs down or refuses to follow through with solutions to the problem.

    Trick. UPS as a whole is a decent company. Problem is when you have managers trying to cover their butts. How are you going to tell upper management that you, the sup, screwed up and cost the company money. Does not look good on any paperwork when it comes time for your review.

    Every check that gets returned now is presumed a cash only COD by the COD department. After all, only the driver can screw up, never the shipper, UPS or the COD department. And as has been said, UPS really can not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the package was cash only. Too many variables.