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    So I received a couple of papers today saying I had to pay for 2 cods that I didn't collect about a month ago. I'm positive I collected and turned them in. Pretty OCD with covering my ass. I spoke with the woman whom packages were delivered to and her records showed she game me a post dated check for September. My supervisor wouldn't return my calls today to give me a straight answer on if ups covered it because it was post dated or if checks were lost. Woman said she would give me checks but not until the post dated date. Sorry if that was confusing but any info on this? Think I'm gonna get stuck with this? Advice besides checking the check dates from now on?
  2. sortaisle

    sortaisle Livin the cardboard dream's out of your hands at this point it seems. Ehff trying to get your sup to call you back, show up at his office (unless he's a traveling sup) or make a phone call to corporate and go over his head if you can't get answers. You may get stuck paying it, but the lady that gave you a post dated check in effect committed robbery...which is funny. I wonder if we were to sell her something and post dated the check for Christmas time if she would get indignant or be understanding...hmmm...
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    Ive got mine.
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    Why would you accept a post dated check? I'm pretty sure we all know the type of customer who wants to write post dated checks anyway. This is your bad buddy, you'll have three options.

    1. Collect amount from customer
    2. Write UPS a check
    3. UPS collects amount direct from your paycheck

    Either way, WHY would you take a post dated check?
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    YOU DON'T EXCEPT POST DATED CHECKS. The only reason people post date checks is because they don't have the money.

    No check with current date or previous day date no package.
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    Hopefully you're able to get the customer to write a check with the proper date and you'll learn from this. Accepting a post dated check is not the proper method and I'm sure somewhere along the line you've been trained and signed off on this. Therefore you are responsible for the COD if the customer doesn't come up with a cancelled check for that amount dated on the day of delivery. Good Luck.
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    I had customers who wanted to post date checks but I wouldn't let them. What they did was put current date on the check but in comments write asking the shipper to not cash until a future date. That was I was in the clear and the customer had to trust the shipper to not cash the check yet. It was very commonly done for some companies.
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    I apparently goofed up once and accepted a check with a transposed cents amount so the check was off by less than a dollar. They had me ask the store to write a second check to cover the difference.
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    UPS normally ignores errors of less than a dollar.
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    Unless.... you are feeling generous, and want to pay for the COD yourself.

    Verifying the date on a check, is basic methods. If the consignee doesn't make good (like real quick)....The OP is on the hook.

    I watched a pkg driver get burned for over $5000.00 on a COD.

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    Happen to me a couple of times , the least amount was for 2 cents and ups made me get a check for 2 cents they don't give anything
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    As stated you are on the hook. If UPS starts making you pay, ask them to give you the check....
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    Before a driver would have to rectify a monetary discrepancy....

    It is the company's obligation, to prove their case.... and prove they "exhausted all means" to collect the debt.

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    I understand that, but if the details are as the OP stated then the investigation should show that the OP violated methods in accepting a post dated check which puts him on the hook for the COD. A simple copy of the check from the receiver will suffice to prove he did so. I hope the customer lives up to their end of this because if not the OP will end up out the money.
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    When making a COD delivery you only have to do two things and you will never have any problems.

    1. Keep control of the package ( don't hand it to the receive first thing then ask for a check or Money order )
    2. Verify that the check or MO is correctly written out, ( ie date, amount, payee and signed ) than hand the package to the receiver.

    If the receiver refuse to give you a non post dated check. Record as NM1 and tell them you will be back tomorrow after you leave the address notify your building that the receiver would only give you a posted dated check so you didn't give them the package than continue on....

    The only reason people give post dated checks are because they don't have the money or are going to put a stop hold on the check before the date on the check and claim they didn't get the product.

    CYA and follow the methods.... failure to do so will get you in the situation the OP is in....
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    NEVER EVER TAKE POST DATED CHECKS!!!! Sorry about your loss, hope you learn your lesson.
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    Good talk.
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    I've taken several post dated checks, many of them in the multi-thousand range and never had an issue.