Coded differently for not coming into work?

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  1. Is it true that when you call into work(a non-paid day) and say you are not coming in, that you are coded differently for each reason. Like if my car broke down and would start or if I am having family problems and can't come in. These would be coded differently?
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    If you are out of work on an un-excused absence, you are coded differently. You are not coded as car problems, family issues, etc. It works like this.
    Absences are coded in this manner: Sick (Paid Sick Day), Optional Holiday (Paid Optional Day), Funeral (usually paid), Jury Duty (Paid after the paperwork is turned in), Vacation (Paid usually 2 weeks in advance).
    The rest are unpaid through the payroll department: Disability (injured off the job), Comp (injured on the job), Call In, No Call, Lay Off, Military, Scheduled Off.

    There are a couple of others I may not have mentioned, but there is nothing indicating the exact reason for calling in. There would be too many codes to list every possible reason.

    Now when an employee is terminated, the separation form indicates more specific reasons, but does not go in to detail either. There is a place to type in comments on the bottom of the separation form, but nowhere on your payroll can anyone add comments.
    The supervisor can document it in your employee record, but not in the payroll system.
    Your employee record can be used as a tool to show a pattern of behavior when discipline is needed, but there should not be anything in your employee record with out your intitials on it, you need to initial everything in your employee record to ensure that you know what is in there or written on it.

    Now before I get a hundred responses about not needing to initial your employee record write-ups, refer to the Master Contract, Art. 50 page 179.
  3. I tried to look at the contract online but it only goes up to article 45?? - anyone got a link? Well I've got another question, if I was absent for 3 days straight(non sick days-but I called in), does this count as one occurence? Someone at work was telling that anything 3 days straight has to be for medical reasons and that you need a note?
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    If you are a No Call/No Show for 3 consecutive days, you would be lucky to have a job.
    You stated you called in every day though. This counts as one occurence. As long as they are consecutive days. If they are not consecutive, then each day is an occurence.
    Depending on the circumstance, if you or a child of yours was sick, bring in the doctors note explaining why you were out. Your supervisor should understand if he/she was worth anything.
    If you were sick, but did not seek medical attention, then you will not have documentation and you are kind of stuck. No proof that you were sick.
    If you just called in for whatever reason, then your also stuck.

    Best thing to do is take the write up in your employee record, and do not make it a pattern. Even the best employees call in sometimes. The challenging employees make it a pattern and are dealt with through progressive discipline.
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    Watch out how they coded you too. I've been drug into supervisors office twice to be disciplined for attendance only to find out they had coded unpaid days off as call ins. I keep a calender with the reason why I didn't come in. Call-in or given unpaid day off.

    1st time I got pulled in I found out they had me showing as calling in on Saturdays (I work m-f). Had unpaid days where I took my son down to the hospital for some testing as call-ins. Center manager was nice enough to let me take a few days off, but his boss wasn't so nice. District manager pulled me in yelled at me for awhile threaten job etc. I turned around and put in for family and medical leave the next week. After that I would would just tell them what days I was taking off and they couldn't do a darn thing about it. That was great.:) Always keep track of your attendance
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    Life happens, my kids get sick, Dr. Appts and such. If needed, then Im taking off.
  7. So I usually work monday thru friday. I was out friday because my heart was hurting when I was lifting weights. I have made an apointment with a doctor on thrusday of this week (only time I could fit it into my schduele). Assuming everything is ok, will I be ok with returning to work on thursday with doctor's note in hand. I'm gonna call in today and let them know situation. I don't want to risk losing my job. I've heard that since my days are consecutive it will count as on occurence? And hopefully the doctors note will also prove I am not faking.
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    Apply for family leave. You get 12 weeks of unpaid leave if you need it. You don't have to take it all at once either. You can take a day here and there for doctor appointments. They like for you to give 30 days notice if possible for a doctors appointment, but its not required. Just as much time as you can. It takes away all attendance problems for a medical condition. Just ask for form from HR and have your doctor fill it out. Send it back to HR and you should get it without any problems. I never had a problem when I requested family leave when my son was sick. I got hassled a lot before I applied, but once I applied and was granted leave that shut everyone up. They run into legal problems if they hassle you on your family leave. They were never happy with me, but never tried to stop me from taking days when I needed them. Most important is they stopped withe the attendance hassles.
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    master~its not normal for your heart to hurt...see a doc
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    Consecutive days off are counted as one occurence. Technically if you call in one day and don't show up for the next three, all of those days are a call in because you didn't tell them when you would be back. If you show up for work and didn't let them know you were coming back, by contract they don't have to work you because you didn't tell them you would be back. Most places don't adhere to that, but they could.
    In payroll the only thing that they can really code differently is funerals. When you say someone is getting payed funeral pay, it asks who died. So if you have been off for 6 funerals for your father in law... they might ask questions, because it does keep track of that.
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    Be careful on this gem of advice. If you call in one day, you are coded as call in. If you No Call for the next three consecutive days, you have broken seniority according to the contract. 3 consecutive NC/NS (no call/no show) is grounds for termination. "Per the contract."
    If you are allowed to return to work after your 1 call in and 3 NC/NS, then what is above applies. You can only be written up in your employee record for 1 occurence of attendance, again if you are lucky enough to have a job. I would be very careful about what advice you get here. After all, what works in one building, may not work in your building. It also depends on what kind of relationship you have with your management team, what kind of employee you are, what kind of side deals have been arranged with the BA, how the overall attendance is within your building, etc.
    There are too many variables and too much to risk to try this. Best thing to do is call in one hour before your scheduled start time. Otherwise, you can be coded as a NC/NS, that is, if you call in later than one hour before your scheduled start time, also in the contract.