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  1. badhab1

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    Anyone else notice what the coins are going for on ebay? $30 plus and then shipping charges. I understand they are still available from the shipper despite warnings of being sold out. Amazing what people will pay without investigating. I should have ordered three sets in all of my kids' and wife's names. I could pay for my golf for a month.
  2. traveler

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    I've seen these on e-bay. Where can I get a set of these at a reasonable cost? I am a retired UPSer so I don't have the info to log on to the UPS store.
  3. ups_vette

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    The coins may be purchased from ASN co. I believe the cost is $10 per set plus shipping. ASN can be reached at 888-440-0943 between the hours of 9am and 5pm EST.
    The line may be busy, keep trying.
  4. traveler

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    Thanks much Vette!
  5. lifer

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    does ASN have a web site.
  6. badhab1

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    I don't think so. I had to order by phone.
  7. proups

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    I think they are sold out....that is why you see them on eBay