Combo or PC driver?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Unsheath, Aug 27, 2009.

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    I'm in a full-time combo job and it's really easy. I'm in the hub for four hours basically by myself until I'm backed up in my one trailer. the rest of my shift I wash feeder trucks. I just met my 24 month progression and I'm making over $23/hr. Nice and comfy, but I can go into delivering with the chances of a lay off fairly slim. Is the harassment from management bad enough that I should just stay in my cake job? Are expectations hard to meet? I can't decide what to do!!!!!!!!!:knockedout:
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    package isnt worth it for 23.68/hr. you are better off bidding into an inside/out combo and take the paycut, if a job opens up, hopefully between your regular bids. Then bid into package when you have 6 months driving duties.
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    Okay, I stay at my 23.68 for only six months if I go in now too. Why wait and let someone in before me?


    I would say stay where your at. Sounds like a great job to me I would bid for that job in a second.
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    Update (for yourself and myself)

    I am in package now as a bid cover here in NE. My rate SHOULD be 29.12/hr ( I have going on 3.5 years full-time and driving duties). The company is not paying me the proper rate. The union says I am out of luck. Anyway, it is what it is. After my 30 day probation i will be going after the company and the union. ;)

    Anyway, the job is pretty rough but very fun. I really look back on 22.3 days as monotonous and unfufilling.

    However, I look at package car like a completely different animal. It seems very unsafe and unreasonable expectations with time commitments.

    Now you are asking why wait and let someone in. The reason to wait IF you can bid into it, is to actually hold a 22.3 job with driving duties such as air driver/inside combo, FT air driver, or something like that. This way, if/when you go into package, you will already be at the top package driver rate instead of working 22.3 wages in package (like I am, though like I said, shouldnt be).

    Plus, if you wait now, you will NOT be going into peak season like I am as a relative newbie and thrown into the fire right away. There is quite a bit to learn and adjust to in package, I am sure you are aware!

    Well good luck with whatever you do!
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    If I had the opportunity to become a full time combo I would kick this driver job to the curb.

    But I have many things I want to do with my life that are impossible while working 9AM-8PM every day.

    If you want the big bucks then go for it. But it's a very hard and stressfull job.
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    You should go to top wage (29.xx) after a 6 month break in. It's in the contract. I wouldn't fight it. You do not want to turn management against you if you are a driver.
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    I've done a break-in. I worked almost 2 years driving air shuttle.

    " a 6 month break-in unless has held a full-time job that required driving duties" thats what the contract says.

    I know when that was negotiated it was meant to mimmick the DOT driving regulations which require screening and medical card (read your DOT medical card, it says driving duties as well)
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    However, if your previous FT job only had a 2 year progression then you still need another 6 months on your new FT job to get up to your new top wage. I believe that was the intent in the contract, however poorly they worded it.
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    Stay where you are
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    Both jobs have a high probability of a layoff. Combo jobs are being eliminated in many parts of the country and the union is doing NOTHING about it. Drivers are being laid off as well. So, because you'd probably end up inside the question should which situation would you make more money? As a laid off driver working inside or a eliminated combo worker working inside?
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    in my opinion i dont think switching to anything where your senority will start over again is wise in these uncertain times and that means combo to driver or vice versa eithier way you go back to square one senority a combo who is hub/pm clerk and all cover drivers are back inside and some full tme drivers have went back inside too because feeder drivers bumped them.if i would have went driving i would be one of the ones bumped.until things get back to normal and if you have a decent amount of time as combo stay where you are.
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    I see what you are saying Rodster. Not sure.
  14. UnsurePost

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    Good point.

    Here in NE, drivers on layoff more than two weeks go back to their part-time rates if going full-time after 1992. So if you don't have much juice, you are taking a huge pay hit.

    I know other areas have different deals, so it may be better or worse financially.
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    The job you bid into has a longer progression than the job you bid out of. Your break in is the difference between the two progression periods. Thus you get 6 months at your old wage before you go to current top pay in your new position. It's in the contract. This is how it's supposed to be done.
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    22.3 guy here passed on going FT a few years back. He lost his place in line. Next driver was off the street. Next was a route transfer in bringing the now new bid driver with it, which actually bumped the off the street into infinite layoff. 22.3 guy then also got bumped out of 22.3 back into skilled PT, due to cutbacks. He is now again next in line. Had he have taken the spot he passed on he would be ahead of both in seniority. Now he will be behind both and who knows how long til we actually need another driver with too many now?

    No doubt his 22.3 job was in fact a better gig. However it's gone now.
  17. UnsurePost

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    What you are not reading is that the contract says " has not held a full-time job that includes driving duties shall have a 6 month break -in"

    It does NOT say has not held a full-time job that had was in package-car classification or feeder (which was the 2.5 year progression under the old contract) Obviously, because that is WHAT YOU ARE BIDDING INTO! :knockedout:

    If you drove a 22.3 air driver/inside combo, YOU DO NOT DO A 6 MONTH BREAK IN. Because, I know air driver combos that have gone into package at top rate!

    again, I understand what you are saying, but do not agree that the language was negotiated that way.

    The reason I am not going to top rate is because UPS deleted my GEMS folder with all my driving info when I switched districts and refuses to address the problem. It has nothing to do with what you are saying.

    Anyway we can go back and forth on this, which funny I have done a few times in the past several months, but we agree to disagree and don't want to hijack this thread anymore. Just remember I do know 2 year progression FT air drivers that WENT TO TOP RATE IN PACKAGE immediately, its just that UPS made a mistake and will not address it.
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    HOnestly, any FT pkg driver or feeder driver will laugh at anyone consideres air driving to count as "driving duties."

    It really comes down to what the definition of "driving duties" is. As written it may be argued that some air shuttle job may be considered "driving duties." However, that may not have been the intent and they worded it poorly.

    This has been argued here several times. It sounds like your union people and your management doesn't agree that your previous "driving duties" were sufficient to qualify you to bypass this break in.
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    Sleeve_meet_Heart is correct. Anyone who has already been through a full time progression as an air driver or shuttle driver isn't required to go through the 6 month break in rate. I know several full time air drivers who went package car and all of them went directly to top rate. I don't see any grey area in the contract language (article 41 section 2b) nor do i believe that it's poorly written. While I understand that package car drivers would consider air and shuttle driving easy work, it's still driving, and the job entails driving duties. Air Drivers deliver and pick up packages and are held to the same standard as full time package car. As air drivers, you still have to know all the safety lingo and are expected to drive safely everyday. All Drivers perform driving duties. If your thinking that "driving duties" is referring only to package car, than your reading something into the language that isn't there.
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    In response to the original post, I would suggest that you stay in your combo job as long as possible. If you're desperate for the extra money, than go for it, but remember that it's easier to move forward than it is to go back. Package car is very physically and mentally demanding and it won't leave much energy for the rest of your life. Good luck with whatever you choose.