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  1. HOw much do you combo guys usually get monthly? I just got a combo job about 2 months and im bringing in 2,000 a month. I wanted to know if i will see a increase in pay, when i hit top-scale which, i have no idea what it currently is.
  2. progression is as follows

    Seniority plus one (1) year:
    Seniority plus eighteen (18) months:
    Seniority plus twenty-four (24) months
    Top Rate

    depends on your pay rate, top rate for inside jobs as of Aug 2007 is 22.50 an hour I believe
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    I've talked to some of our metal guys and they make alomst what I do as a driver.
  4. metal guys? Sorry, never heard of them :lol:
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    Depends on the combo job you took. I do an air driver/hub sort combo position so I am paid two pay rates. I make $14.50/hr while air driving and I make my inside pay rate, which is slightly higher, when doing my hub sort job. If you took an inside/inside job you most likly make whatever you made part-time and will be moved to top pay 2 years after you started your job which is true regardless of the type of job you took.

  6. I have the same combo position as you. I sort for my first shift, then i air drive.