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  1. DS

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    I`m a bit confused about this.Is every express pkg in the US a 10:30 commit? Where I am,we have early AM pkgs which are like 8AM guaranteed,but since I dont deal with them what I`m curious about is the other express commit times...
    Here in Canada,the only pkgs with a 10:30 commit are domestic express.(ex:Vancouver-Toronto)International express(including US pkgs) are all 12:00PM commits.
    Domestic express and express savers are also noon commits.
    International express savers are end of day .
    I usually get around 10-15 10:30 commits,and about 30 that are
    noon.Every international pkg delivered after 10:30 AM shows in the diad as being late,even though they are noon commits.As far as trace goes,forget it.Every day is different,and with the 15-20 oncalls I get every day trace is virtually non existant.I've also read in some threads that you do all your air first,then do ground.If I didn`t do them both at the same time,I'd end up with 25 stops over my max and I'd be over 12 hours every day.Can someone explain how it works there?
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    Your air commits depend upon your area. Where I am at some zipcodes have 1030 commit then we have 1200 commit and if it is in a rural area it is end of day commit that is for all of the regular next day packages. Then if you have a saver there is a 4 hour difference on the times from the regular nda. That is one thing good about the diad it keeps it all straight for you except when it thinks a resi is a business and keeps telling you your running out of time when you have all day for a resi saver.
  3. DS

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    Were still on diad 3,no PAS or EDD,so my diad knows squat.
  4. 705red

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    And the diad wont get any smarter with pas/edd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. longlunchguy

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    In diad 4(?) if a saver comes up commercial, and it isn't you can change it to a resi and stop the annoying alerts. :cool:
  6. jds4lunch

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    In my city, domestic air is 8:30 commit for EAM, 10:30 for express, and noon for savers. International express is end of day.
  7. SmithBarney

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    Where I was located,
    EAM was 1000, NDA or 2AM was 1200, seems easy but try pulling out at 10AM
    with 25 NDA and 6miles to area, actually that wasn't too hard.

    Everything else was before you go home for the night... ;)
  8. 1989

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    Where I'm from EAM is 8:00. NDA is 10:30 including Intl. 2day am is 10:30. NDA saver is 3:00 for businesses and end of day for resi's. On holidays (day after Thanksgiving) NDA, and 2day AM is 12:00 Intl nda is 10:30.
  9. Dirty Savage

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    As it should be.
  10. SmithBarney

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    Which is great, unless your plane lands daily at 8am.. isn't at the center until 8:45
    or unloaded completely until 9:15
  11. Just Lurking

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    As it is in many centers.
  12. Link 87025

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    You know what "NDA" means - right?

    You dumb, or just a typical Teamster?

    You gotta go to Wal-Mart and beat the rush that's going to happen in '08.
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    You can't exactly be too intelligent yourself if you call someone else out and cannot do it in a grammatically correct manner.
  14. 705red

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  15. Cementups

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    My commits are the same as yours as I am in a rural area. I do have some deliveries that have the earlier commits with 1030 being the standard.
  16. Ms Spoken

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    Thanks for the heads up Link I summited my application today. Just didn't want your app to get in before mine.

    Just remember one thing without all the Teamsters you will be out of a JOB.
    Good luck my friend.
  17. DorkHead

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    EAM del. are 2 hrs earlier than regular commit time. Ex: 10:30am - 8:30am. 12:00pm - 10:00am. 15:00pm - 1300pm.

    All NDA savers business 4 hrs. after normal commit time
    All other savers any time that day
  18. SmithBarney

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    NDA = New :censored2:? That would be you...I guess.

    Now get off your high horse and
    realize that not all of the USA has
    the same commit times at UPS..
  19. over9five

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    Actually, "NDA" is the UPS acronym for Non Delivery Attempt.

    "1DA" is what we use for Next Day Air.
  20. Just Lurking

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    Non Delivery Attempt - missed.

    I have warning letters that call Next Day Air - NDA.

    What really drives me crazy is packages like Land Ends that put 1PM on Next Day Savers. Occasionally, people will complain that their packages are late. Try explaining to customer that 1PM means one day service in the PM time frame not literally 1 pm.