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    I have been with UPS 2 decades. I have seen several, adjustments to the economy, and recessions...The good (or bad) thing about it is that UPS is very good at managing in these times. ,, Cut discretionay spending, tighten operations etc. But this one is different. The recession is primed by the price of fuel. At this point I don't t think $3 /gallon is coming back (as shocking as it WAS when it first hit, ...then passed $3.

    Fed Ex just reported its first quarterly LOSS in 11 years. We just lowered earning expectations from bad to terrible. So what happens when gas hits $5 /gallon or higher???? HOw many right hand turns and cutting routes can make up for that cost and the associted lost volume from shippers that have no demand on the other end or no profits in their business after paying our FUEL SURCHARGE... At what $ /gallon are we no longer profitable? Or, Like the airline and auto industry, at what $/ gallon are wage/ benefit concessions made?
    ...Hope to never know...but I find it concerning
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    Nah, I aint worried. UPS is an 800 lb gorilla. Nothing major is going to happen to it. Look at europe ,where gas prices for years have been double to triple what we pay. And our business is growing.
    And which asian country was that where it costs over $100,000 in taxes , just to license a vehicle.
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    Stock is literally at the low point of $58- something has got to give.
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    I can't wait till they cut my job to save money.
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    The BOD's are to ignorant, better yet to arrogant, to initiate meaningful changes to help the long term growth of this once great company. Excessive management must be downsized. Look around the building, you will notice how certain managers seem to always mill around accomplishing nothing. Why are there consistently pkgs left in building that should have been serviced? We had over 30 nda service failures on Tues. because they missed the shuttle monday night, another 10 were found this morning!!!!! But, because they are outbound they do not get charged to the center, so management doesn't care. As a shareowner I am disgusted. Interesting comments concerning non employees opinions about UPS stock can be found in Yahoo's finance message forum under the UPS stock ticker.
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    Kind of like our air miss sorts that get shuttled from the other building everyday. They usually arrive just before 10:30. But they will not be delivered until the next day because they would mess up the current days NUMBERS.

    So instead of 45 minutes late, they are one whole day late. But that doesn't matter, only the numbers matter.
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    My UPS informed me that nda rates will increase monday by 32.5% and ground by 95..Fed X is doing the exact numbers.DHL will incrase air by 34%....Pretty crazy and expensive..
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    Wait what?

    UPS is raising rates? Or is Fedex? Or both?
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    Yeah! Kind of like our 22.3 jobs! There's a reason they have become the retirement routes ;)

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Here is a disturbing sign that this slowing economy is wreaking havoc around town. I was at the UPS stores picking up when I noticed a regular pick up customer dropping off packages. I immediately stopped what I was doing and gave him a hand. I said you had a regular stop for years why the drop off?

    He told me confidentially that UPS put his company on a "cash-only" basis. This made me sick knowing a up and coming company like his was struggling to stay afloat. I don't know if this trend will keep up but I feel sorry for small and medium shippers , they will feel the brunt of this credit crunch.

    I'm starting to notice businesses literally shuttering their business overnight.
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    Yep. It's disturbing to drive past places you haven't gone in two or three months, and see vacant buildings where previously there had been stores or businesses the last time you were there. There are many small businesses that are barely hanging on.

    It's actually very disturbing if you stop and think about it. Fuel prices have a lot to do with it. Any business that carries physical inventory is impacted by fuel cost.
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    Something else to take into account. On August 1st all topped out employees will get a .35 or .55 cent(depending on your contract) raise. I bet the big wigs are really looking forward to that.
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    out,think he means fuel surcharge rate increases, not rate increases.
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    I'll ask tomorrow about it. EAM's are already pretty light. This isn't going to help.
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    UPS has many a year expierience with this type of businesss and all the package delivery players have the same gas price, so I do not see that as being a big chip in this game. I would bet on UPS over the others......