Conservatives more fearful than liberals

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by 804brown, Feb 10, 2012.

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    I'm an admitted "button pusher" I love doing it and I love taking an issue or position that few like and seeing how much fear and vitriol I can stir up with it and some here are very easy to stir up. I'm not the only one who does and whether of whom I'm thinking will admit it, at least I do.

    To say that one political side is any more fearful than another just doesn't wash with me. Any "ism" is capable of reacting to fear and especially when it's perceived that self determination from their POV is threatened. We are human and it's a human reaction we all do.

    I chuckle at MFE when he jumps across the pages spouting out against Libertarianism (and I used his uppercase L for a reason) but turn around and begin to threaten anyone here regardless of political sides or even religious faith and they will bow up and defend their right of self ownership and self determination (little "l" libertarianism) by whatever means possible. You see everyone is really a libertarian at heart but then most of us still want to be led around by the ring in our nose!


    In MFE's defense, he does have a point but then I understand that brand of what Kevin Carson calls "Vulgar Libertarianism" and Kevin would be right. But then I use to blanket term socialists too until I actually read and talked with a number of socialist, we've become good friends and I've learned many are just as anti-state as I am. SWEET!

    BTW MFE: You can still have absolute self ownership and self determination and yet still enjoy the fruits of such in a society built on mutualism and even communitarianism. In fact, in a truly free society, the bond of community is far, far tighter because it's based on voluntary cooperation and not aggression by the monopoly of force and yes the free market reigns and it ain't just economics in which the free markets plays either. Thus the reason you fail too see it.

    You really should read your 19th century history in where the ideal of libertarianism got it's start from and also the legacy of even classical liberalism. In fact, Rick Santorium and yourself have a lot in common so you might drop a few bucks his way because should Obama go down in Nov. (yeah I think it unlikely too) Rick boy from your POV seems the next best thing!


    Also 804, you'd value as well if you broadened out your reading as you still don't truly understand the historical roots of the OWS movement you champion. Ask Chris Hedges about the likes of Proudhon, Tucker, Emma Goldman and even Dorothy Day and you'll start understanding the bigger picture and better understand the de-centralization of participatory democracy and how self ownership and self determination would have to be local power and based on voluntary action and not by compulsion or coercion. A large scale central gov't, even a limited one, violates all those principles to their very core and thus the very reason the OWS is attacked by the central powers.

    Have fun!
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    It doesn't take much to set me off, but at least I'm consistent. :vacuumsm:
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    In that way on both accounts, we would completely agree!
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    Did not read the link but that makes sense on the surface.

    Conservatives believe in tradition and those things that have worked in the past.

    Liberals believe in trying out new things and like to think up new ways instead of relying on the failures and successes of the past.