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    I am a 11 year employee of a trucking company in the Phila. Pa area with 11 years in the pension fund. I have great hours and 4 weeks of vacation but make but make less money each year due to contributions to the health care plan and the rising deductible is more than double the raise I get each year. I am at the point of disgust with the company that it's difficult to come to work each day but I only do it for my family. I currently make 62,000 a year but contribute 800 a month for my health care and have a 3000 deductible on my healthcare.
    I am considering applying for a job as a package delivery driver in philly but need some answers before I move forward.
    1 how soon would I get health care coverage
    2 what is starting pay rate
    3 when eligible for vacation
    4 what time does the average route get finished each day
    5 all things considered would you leave what I currently have for a job as a ups package driver
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    Any posted openings now, are not permanent positions. Summer is free period, if hired, you would be a temp till Sept, if there is a perm opening, it could be offered to you or to other temps that were hired to cover during the summer.

    You would be taking a heck of a chance.
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    A lot of things are different all over the country, depending on whatever contract you would be under with UPS. You may have to find someone in Philly that can give you the specifics. You will have no shortage of people on here who will give you their take. Sounds like your insurance deal sucks for you. Starting pay will probably be below what you are used to making and it takes years to make it to top pay. 4 year progression maybe? When I left the company, pkg car drivers were at about $32/hr +-. I believe FT full pay guys make 80-100k/yr. You have to be here a certain time before your vacation time starts as well as your insurance kicks in. Route hours can vary, from job to job, even day to day. Wish I could be more help to you. Someone will know more. There is a guy on here who knows everything. He will probably chime in. Good luck to you in your endeavors, sir.
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply. That's the difficult part walking away from security for potentially much more money and a happy work environment. 11 years ago when I started I made 58000 and was in the mid 70's a few years ago and had great healthcare. I'm going to spend a few days taking all of this in and make a tough choice. Thanks again
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    Bro, if you want a happy work environment, walk the other way because this forum is the closest thing you'll get at UPS.

    I'm a fresh rookie (so take this with a grain of salt until more of the veterans chime in), I've wanted this job my entire life, I was so ecstatic when I started. That was about 2 months ago. Now I dread walking into the building and having a supervisor approach me to talk to me or hearing "BEE DEE BEEP" while I'm on the road.
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  6. Baba gounj

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    Plan on long hours , everyday .
    Plan on sups to be mean to you , everyday .
    Plan on the desire to quit , everyday .
    As a cover driver plan on not having a full work week and sometimes no work for weeks .
    Plan on possibly no health coverage for a year .
    If it is possible try applying for a p/t air driver , or as a Saturday Air Driver ( am work ) . To give you a feel for the job .
  7. Just Numbers

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    Looking at #'s 1-5.....what makes you think you could even make it as a UPS driver and gain seniority?
  8. TheKid99

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    1. FT is 6 months but because you would be temporary-seasonal you get no benefits.

    2. $18.75/hr

    3. After a year. One week vacation and one optional week. But you'll be seasonal temp so you shouldn't worry.

    4. Depends. You will be a cover driver so there's no telling. I would expect 9-9 M-F.

    5. Nope.