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    I have to admit, when I first read the words of Hillary Clinton as she spoke to the Council on Foreign Relations, I wondered why the printer of the speech left out the smiley and wink wink faces. Here's what she said in her opening remarks.

    Foreign Policy Address to the Council on Foreign Relations

    At the link just above where the text of the speech starts you can view video of the actual speech itself or go here and watch Hillary and the CFR crowd double over in laughter as they pull a good one on the conspiracy folks. It's a real gut buster for sure.

    At the 45th Munich Conference on Security Policy back on Feb. 8th US National Security Advisor General James Jones also got in on the same "gotcha" action with his following remarks.

    U.S. National Security Adviser Jones gave these remarks at the 45th Munich Conference on Security Policy at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof on February 8, 2009.

    I haven't seen the video to enjoy the same howls of laughter as he got in the same manner as Hillary but I can only imagine. I'd also like to thank the Council on Foreign Relations for posting the speech on their website.

    I hope all of you enjoyed the humor of this as much as I did and look forward to even more in the days ahead!

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    I can focus on the federal reserve without my stomach getting into knots, but I can't do that when thinking about the council of foreign relations, so I will not be partaking of this manna although I appreciate the offering.
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    It's all a big joke. You should watch this and enjoy the tons of laughter with them when they make the statements. Hillary and all of them are in the floor L"their"AO the whole time. It's obvious they say these things in public to yank the chains of conspiracy theorists.

    And if you don't go and visit the CFR's website, big mistake my friend, very big mistake. Between there, Rand Corp. and some oil industry think tank sites, I'm reading about the oil war that really started in the late 1980's with the fall of the Soviet empire and then our efforts in the 1990's to start laying the groundwork towards securing the Caspain basin and central Asia and it's massive energy reserves. Even Billy Bob Clinton in the Balkans was working for this oil master plan and we all thought it was the Texas Wildcat that got this thing heated up!

    Remember Robert Newman talking about the events surrrounding the start of WW1? Haven't watched the History of Oil yet? Oh you should my friend, you most certainly should!

    The answer is to follow the money!

    BTW: For the record and with a completely straight face. I don't believe in conspiracies either. That requires maintaining secrets for one and this is all out in the open if you know where to look and take the time to read it. This all being a good case in point IMO!

    c ya dude!
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    Wkmac , I am sorry that I don't watch all your videos, but my brother (an apSPIRing filmmaker apparently) sends me videos that he makes of his kid doing the ordinary things that kids do all day. Yet to him these things are extraordinary and he thinks everyone else should feel the same. So, I give the impression that I watched the videos but I fail many of his quizzes so now it seems I must watch a good portion of his videos (lest his feelings get hurt) and this leaves me with no time to watch too many others (thank god, I was able to watch all the justice unlimited episodes before he got that video camera). He unfortunately wants me to join his and his wife's conspiracy that his kid is the next baby jesus. He's a cute kid but I definitely see some trouble in his future and I'll try to be there to try to covertly bend the tree(to counteract some childrearing influences), so to speak, while it is young and pliable , before it becomes firm as it gets older and stronger. In lieu of that, I may have to graft a stem from a more pleasing fruit tree onto the tree he becomes and that is something that is easier to do once I start to see what fruit he starts bearing and if one is a good gardener(which I seem to be, praise the lord).