Contract hurts retirees

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by hoopdedoo, May 22, 2013.

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    This contract will negatively affect Teamster brothers that faithfully paid their dues and helped to support the health and welfare benefits that are currently in place. Married retired Teamster brothers healthcare costs will rise 500% by the third year of this new proposed contract. Some Locals have negotiated raises for themselves to cover this increase. They have forgotten in many cases the very people that voted them into office and have since retired. Retirees have no voice. I'm a firm believer in what goes around comes around. Think about what's going to happen next contract when you are retired and UPS starts crying the blues again.
  2. Brown_Star

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    I don't know you but supporting my family and yours by voting no!
  3. Atomic_Smurf

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    Voting NO won't repeal the legislation that is driving up our costs. Sorry but as long as Obamacare stays intact, our health benefits will only continue to be diminished regardless of who controls the plan. Speak out.
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    I have no sympathy for retirees that sold out PTmers years ago.
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    When you finally retire from UPS you will still have to put up with no voice. Unless of course, you're just using UPS as a tool to put yourself through school by PT'ing it. That contract was in the 80's, forget about it already. You were probably not even born yet. You didn't have to start working at UPS under those conditions.
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    this is gonna hurt the co. in the long run. I for one am not going to retire on schedule due to this increase in retirement health care when I have to pay a quarter of my retirement for it. i'll have to wait 5 more years for SS to kick in.

    so the company can still pay my 8 weeks of vacation vs. what 3 for a new hire. that's about $6000.00 more right there plus take a gamble that these old bones don't get hurt on the job and pay my workmans compensation. probably forgetting more costs to the company for ol geezers like me.
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    Maybe things would be different if part timers would get more involved and vote, Alot do not bother to vote and I am sure they could make an impact if and only if they get involved as the large voting block they have.:surprised:
  8. Bagels

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    I was always under the assumption that when you retired, that was the end of your stake in a company sans a possible pension check. UPSers are spoiled!

    I'm certain the swelling ranks of retirees had nothing to do with it... Google "pyramid scheme."
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    The same retirees that you hope to replace in a full time position? If they can't afford to retire then you'll be stuck in that position you love forever.
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    Thats why I will vote no. Thanx for your hard work brother! I for one appreciate what you have done...Hopefully my other brothers and sister will put into play that WERE ALSO VOTING FOR THOSE WHO CAME, AND PAVED THE WAY BEFORE US!
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    A lot of these changes in health care is because of Obamacare. Thanks Obama. You idiot.
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    You've got my no vote. Everyone at my hub is voting no. So they say anyway. Our stewards are pushing for a no vote and explaining the ramifications of this contract to the part timers. The feeder divers I talked too also don't like this, I haven't talked to many package car drivers though. I could not attend the meeting Saturday because of prior engagements. I did hear that it was nearly violent though. Many drivers walked out on our leadership
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    SPOILED??? You obviously never worked on a UPS package car for 25-30 years. Maybe you worked on a UPS package car for a year and realized you couldn't handle it and went into management or maybe you just see the UPS man drive thru your neighborhood every day cause u don't work. To paraphrase Jack Nicholson in the move An Officer and a Gentleman..."Either way, I don't give a damn what you think"!
  15. brownmonster

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    A Few Good Men?
  16. hoopdedoo

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    Oooops!..... ur right.... A Few Good Men (Marines-Nicholson).... An Officer and a Gentlemen (Navy-Gere). Thanks Bro......Bottom line.....SPOILED????...U gotta be kidding.
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    I'm voting and if it weren't for me none of the part timers would know anything. I'm trying.
  18. Bagels

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    Sorry, but package car driving isn't rocket science. It's actually pretty easy, if one can handle manual labor & UPS's culture.

    Regardless, I do enjoy the mentality on these forums of people - who in one post - whine about those who feel entitled, and then in the next... "I've worked for UPS. I'm entitled. Give me, give me, give me!"
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    I can't remember how long you said you have driven.
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    Part timers should get more involved. But part of the problem is that (at least in my hub) new hires especially don't even know about any of this stuff. I feel that the union should have some sort of "onboarding" process with the new hires. They should take some time and tell them a little bit about the contract, what they are and aren't entitled to, who to talk to if there's an issue. None of this was ever discussed with me. It wasn't even until a couple months ago that it was revealed to me that pre loaders are guaranteed at least 3.5 hours. So much of my first year I was hurried off the clock, being none the wiser that I could've gotten more work for that given day.

    That might not be indicative of how all the locals inform new hires and such, but around here there's virtually no communication.