Contract Talk About Pensions, Healthcare, and Wages


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1. Why not just simply all of this crap. Instead of giving the union or management the power of deciding benefits and who controls the money. Why not demand that all of the money spent on wages, benefits, and retirement be negotiated as one wage. The employee decides how much is to be set aside for healthcare and retirement to be diverted before taxes. Whatever is left is taxable income. You go out and find your own healthcare and retirement plans or buy into the current plans that are available. You decide if you want vision and what you wish it to cover, you decide what dental and what it should cover, you decide healthcare and what it will cover. Healthcare for example I would get hospitalization, maternity, presicription drugs, and catastrophic coverage. My Dr. charges $70 per visit. If went to a cash only doctor I would be able to get a visit for about $35-$50. I save the Dr,. money on dealing with insurance forms. When my wife and I decide we are done with kids, we axe maturnity coverage and take the money home or divert it to retirement or elect a different category of coverage. I don't need all the benefits offered and I would rather have the excess funds go in my pocket or toward something else. I trust myself more than I trust Teamsters or UPS to take care of my family's needs. This would also work well when dealing with gov't but that is a post for another day

Negotiate yearly wage increases by a simple formula. Healthcare inflation + Energy & Food inflation+ Merit/Labor increase

Take power away from both sides and put yourself in control.

2. Cut the various classifications. Make all driver jobs full time. Combine air driving with pickups. When I drove I hated all the wasted time associated with driving out of the way for air and then to have to do pickups. I don't want to work more than 8 hours, and I prefer a less broken pace. Air and pickups are a complete turn off. Pay these guys a little less for the easier workload. If a driver wants to spend 12 hours a day of his life in crappy hot package car by all means make it available to those who want it. For those of us that have a family and a life outside of UPS, let us live it. Incorporate a progression system that meets requirements above. No pay cuts for part to full time or air to ground. AND FOR GOD SAKE GET SOME A/C IN ALL VEHICLES THAT RUN OFF BATTERIES SO I DON"T DIE IN THE ARIZONA HEAT.

Improve the quality of life while we are at work. God knows its miserable being a driver.

3. There are other issues I'm sure, but the 2 above are probably the most important as they rob individuals of power and gives it Teamsters or UPS. They are also a quality of life and fairness issue. As we all know a happy employee is a productive employee. there is no reason that a contract has to be as big and as complicated as the one that currently exist. Ditch ambiguous language and vague references. Think of it as like the difference between the U.S. Constitution and the prorposed European Union Constitution. The U.S. one is easily comprehendable and is 4 pages I think. The E.U. one was 700 pages and you needed a lawyer to understand it. (Even the Europeons were smart enough to reject that document).



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Char, I couldn't agree more. All i want is to get my 8 hrs in and get out of that hellhole and eliminating some air and pkup stops is the only way that will ever happen. I won't hold my breath though, that makes too much sense and anything that makes too much sense at ups usually gets laughed at.

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After 33 Years, I Retire This Friday.pension And Benefits Are Great. The H.r. Department Sucks. I Started This Process In April. Atlanta Reviewed My Application On July 10th. The Advice From My Local Hr Guy Was Uninformed And Mostley Incorrected. Josh S. Is A Hack. Stay Away From Him. I Still Have Not Recieved My Accrued Vacation Pay,because The Hr Rep. Just Dosen't Care. Beware And Good Luck To All Planning To Retire Soon. God Bless You.