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    I am one of several drivers @ my hub that is laid off/hub. I don't mind working in the hub if there is no work. But, I don't think it is right, if there is feeder work to allow UPS employees to do it. Is there anything that can be done?
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    If you are qualified for the job, document it and file a grievance. You might win, you might lose - but if you don't file, you can't possibly win.
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    Who do you work for? Sorry but I cannot understand what you are referring to.
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    I work for UPS
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    I had to put the pieces of the puzzle together to arrive at this assumption. Based on the title of his thread, I think the OP is questioning why there are contractors pulling feeder loads when there are feeder drivers in the hub or package.
    I think he is right. The free period (peak season) is over. The excuse that feeder dispatch will use is "we (origin and/destination hub) are out of drivers."
    Whenever a contractor is seen in the yard someone needs to write down the date, time, contractor's name/truck number and the trailer numbers being brought in or taken out. File a grievance with this information.
    There is no excuse (other than laziness on managements part) why a feeder school can't be held to certifiy drivers.
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    They have us feeder drivers laid off/ or in the hub. And they are using contractors. It seems to me as they should use us laid off feeder drivers, before they go to contract carriers.

    Sorry I am not making any sense. They have feeder drivers laid off/in package. I am not making any sense am I.
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    If you are a QUALIFIED feeder driver that is laid off, you are, indeed, entitled to run whatever run that contractor is taking. If not, you get paid for it. BUT!!! You have to document the times, numbers, contractor number and FILE! OK, sure, maybe not all this info is necessary, but it sure cements your case.

    This is an absolute no-brainer. Any and all QUALIFIED feeder drivers that have had to take a lay-off or bump into the hub is to run these runs, whether it be for one day or a whole week.

    Now, you're going to say that those QUALIFIED feeder drivers that are in p/c have to fill out the whole week there and not move back and forth from day to day. Well, that was tried here too and didn't fly. It was grieved and won, MANY TIMES. Try it.
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    what type of loads are the contractors moving? Pickups; rail loads.

    Are they picking the loads up from a ups building. Are they delivering the loads to a ups building. Are they drop ship loads that a customer is sending into a ups building?

    You have to be as specfic as possible when talking about contractors. If you clearly have contractors picking up or delivering ups loads to ups buildings while feeder drivers are not working feeders then you have an issue.

    If you have contractors moving drop shipments to ups buildings from a customer then this isssue is not as clear.
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    tie, That's the way it was explained to me. We may not like it but at least we're getting the hub & delivery work.
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    I work feeders and I have not had a day since Dec 26 07. I was not asked if I could work inside so it would be troublesome if I knew they were using contractors for feeders. There are a lot of feeders above me and I know that, but I drove during the snowstorms and I am trying to shape a UPS job......Contractors......