Conveyor accident at UPS

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    No particulars whatsoever in the article.
  2. As soon as the man was cleared from the moving parts, I'm sure the belt was restarted and business continued as usual. This company doesn't miss a beat.
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  3. Whither

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    Whoa. My neck of the woods. Apparently it's a Mail Innovations building, had no idea about it.

    The article has since been updated to say the man was a "contractor" and was rushed to the nearby hospital. Firefighters performed CPR on him en route. Bet we won't hear about it in PCM tmrw.
  4. PeakMode

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    Somebody is getting fired and reassigned on this one.
  5. Whither

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  6. olroadbeech

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    probably very true.
  7. AwashBwashCwash

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    Imagine being the traumatized part-timer who just pushed the button and inadvertently killed this guy and then being told to get back to work 10 minutes later.
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    ... you spelled SUPERVISOR wrong.

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  9. Package Stick

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    I have had supervisors NOT follow conveyer securing. I secured a belt and a supervisor unsecured it. I shrugged it off once.

    I yell at everyone that is stupid around these belts, I have been sucked in (was being stupid!), it's not a pleasant feeling.
  10. Integrity

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  11. Integrity

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    Do you know the details of the accident ?
  12. Integrity

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    Although necessary to understand the general lack of safety compliance enforcement by the management in the Maintenance Department, I think it is only fair to the dead person to not pass judgement on specific accidents until we know the details of the accident in question.

    We know from experience that UPS has a blame the worker mentality when dealing with conveyor accidents yet never really are forthcoming with the actual details of what actually happened. (They never explained what actually happened to our deceased coworker Andy in the Lexington Kentucky conveyor fatality.)

    We should always give the injured or killed brother the benefit of the doubt until we know for sure what exactly happened .
  13. Integrity

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    I agree. I would like to know the rest of the story.

    Training in word but not in deed.

    I witnessed countless unsafe conveyor practices in my years. I have also witnessed Maintenance Management observe some of them and take no action.
  14. Integrity

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    It is my opinion based upon my experience that in my Local where subcontracting is not the rule but the exception UPS maintenance workers are far superior in their knowledge of UPS Safety Practices.

    Unfortunately I have observed a wide disparity in safety compliance among the maintenance mechanics.

    I have also observed very little management enforcement until something bad has already happened.
  15. Wally

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    Just like Disney, hose it down and start er' up!
  16. Integrity

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    This is often time the conclusion that is true however this is an unfair assumption. There are many repairs or parts of repairs on conveyors that have to be done while the conveyors are not locked out and “live”.

    The are called “live conveyor repairs” and they have specific very detailed methods and there is inherent dangers in these types of repairs and there is also a pattern of noncompliance and misapplication of some of the “live conveyor repair” methods.

    That is why IMHO knowing exactly what happened is important to the dignity of the injured or deceased and to the truth behind the specific incident.
  17. Integrity

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    Do you know the details of the incident to make this statement?

    Maybe it was a live conveyor repair that went wrong? I don’t know.

    Please share any details you may have to shed truth on this sad incident.
  18. Integrity

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    Very sad incident.
  19. Integrity

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    Getting particulars other than quick blurbs that IMO are meant to focus the blame on the worker are not easy to come by when conveyor accidents happen.

    In the past I have been significantly discouraged by management from seeking too much detail when trying to find out what exactly took place that resulted in conveyor accidents.
  20. Integrity

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    Very sad.