Conveyor accident at UPS

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by BigUnionGuy, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. rod

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    LiveLeak- another website that has gone soft over the last 5 years. You used to be able to see all kinds of stuff on there but not so much anymore. The internet isn’t the wild Wild West it once was. It was way more fun 10 years ago.
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  2. Justaloader

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    Lol I remember sites like (not for the feint of heart). You can always browse the dark net....but that comes with it's risks as well. User beware....
  3. rod

    rod #1 on Upstates "list" still has some interesting stuff although all their original old gory stuff has been either deleted or censored due to some lawsuit. I have a friend who’s job is keeping hundreds of computers at 3 different sites around the country virus free so I’m not afraid to go on sites a normal person probably wouldn’t. He cleans my PC out whenever I call him. I’ve never had a problem that he couldn’t solve in the 21 years I had a PC. Friends like him are worth their weight in gold.
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  4. DOK

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  5. Utility81

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    I was walking out today and this is in a newer modernized hub. I glanced down as I was taking a corner to see this big gear turning on a belt with no guard or cage around it. All I could think about was this recent story of the guy being killed. Luckily, I had on my 4 layers of clothing plus my yard safety vest. Nothing that could get snagged in this gear and pull me to a peaceful happiness away from this place.
  6. Fenris

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    Did you report it so that it could be guarded?
  7. Utility81

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    Sounds like an IE job to me. I’m just a dumb overpaid truck driver.
  8. Justaloader

    Justaloader Active Member

    Safety is everyone's job.
  9. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    My uncle was unloading a hayrack at my grandparents' farm. His pants got caught in a pto knuckle, flipped him over and his pants ripped off of him. Had he been wearing newer pants, he would have been killed. No injuries, just scared the crap out of him and everyone nearby. It happens in the blink of an eye. My heart goes out to the victim's family, particularly the family that had to identify the body.
  10. Yeet

    Yeet Inbound, turnaround, go to town was my go to in the late 90’s early 2000’s.
  11. Poop Head

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    Yeah. :censored2: man.. thanks for mentioning that.
  12. Utility81

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    I bet you walk around off the clock picking up hub snakes. Good luck with your future in the safety committee.
  13. Mugarolla

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    And they never will.

    But, they received 2 OSHA citations, which they are currently contesting, for the control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout).

    The conveyor was not locked out, or not properly locked out, resulting in the enployee being sucked into the conveyor system and crushed.

    We may never know if he was working on a live conveyor, or if someone else started it because he did not have it locked out.

    But, the citations from OSHA indicate that the conveyor should have been locked out for the work he was performing.
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  14. Justaloader

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    A fool and his money are soon parted. My comment was sarcastic, not serious.
  15. rod

    rod #1 on Upstates "list"

    Are they still around?
  16. BigUnionGuy

    BigUnionGuy Got the T-Shirt

    How about "Faces of Death" ?
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  17. Yeet

    Yeet Inbound, turnaround, go to town

    No. They shut down around 2010, I think, due to lawsuits.
  18. Yeet

    Yeet Inbound, turnaround, go to town

    I’m trying to forget.
  19. Brotherrr

    Brotherrr Member

    I went to a midnight screening of Faces of Death 4, and if you made it thru, they gave you a certificate that "you survived". I remember going in the movie theatre bathroom and someone had actually vomited in the sink. That was more horrifying than the actual movie. Though the screwdriver in the head was pretty gross, the most disturbing scene to me was the bodies being cremated. Which was probably one of the few real parts of that movie. At the time (I was about 13 years old), I thought it was all legit actual deaths caught on film. The doctor (was it Dr. Frances Gross?) singing the theme song was pretty funny.
    I do not wish to make light of this young man's death though; I do feel terribly for him and his family and friends. But I got hit with nostalgia when I saw this reply.