Corporate decay

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    Values always decay over time. Why is that? Why can't companies keep their focus on what made them successful in the past? The companies that we work for UPS, FEDEX and USPS have one main flaw.....they were successful. Success led these companies to materialism which naturally leads to want even more. Selfishness caused these companies to forget about others when they got snared in their own wants, needs and issues. When they forgot about others(read employees) then the inevitable happens......the core values, the values on which the company was built, begin to erode.

    In the corporate world, success can sway these companies to think that they can accomplish anything based upon their resources. The value system that sustained them to this point is no longer needed or valid in its application. Too often there are companies that seem to stray from these sound values and lose their way. Prosperity erodes both personal and corporate values as the only thing more dangerous than failure is success.

    These 3 companies need to get back to their core values. Some have strayed farther than others. Though they must be flexible to change they must not lose their way from that which made them successful. Too many times the employee, the grunt, the one that is out there in it every day is the one that is viewed as expendable. That sentiment by management is so far from the truth.

    That is my view through my ROSE colored glasses.
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    gman, I can't argue with you on any of this post. It does seem that any business that grows to a very successful level morphs into a greedy money hungry monster. The true problem, IMHO, is that the greed has a tendency to flow through the personnel from top to bottom. The higher ups want more success, the lowly workers want more pay, it all adds up in dollars with very little sense. It's a vicious circle.
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    It is too bad. That IS how the mighty fall.