courier and CEO trade places

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    every single member with at least 50 posts on this forum says that eskew and a driver should swap places for a week. i have; i think that's a fantastic idea.

    the ceo of fedex canada traded places with a courier.

    I'm still trying to find the full, or at least a large chunk, version of the broadcast. in it, you see the CEO get slammed on the sort, allowed customs remands to go down the belt, and constantly set off the anti-theft alarm in the new fedex trucks. and the front liner was simply overwhelmed, that's all i can really say. anyone let me know if they have a longer clip
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  2. If he has to trade places, I'd like him to trade places with another CEO from a large, successful, Fortune 100 company. We ALL might learn something, the first of which would be that the other guy wouldn;t work for Mike's pay.

    Mike paid his UPS dues ... gang...

    Go UPS!
  3. over9five

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    Oh, poor Mike! He works for peanuts.... Every other CEO in the world makes more than Mike.....sniff, sniff.

    No one's forcing him to work here. There's the door, Mike. Don't let it hit ya in the as* on the way out!
  4. wokatok

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    Difference between him and you is that it’s HIS door.

    Another difference is that HE will be the primary person that decides when he walks through it.

    None of that applies to you.

    You’re along for the ride – as long as he (and others) allows it.

    I know it’s probably frustrating but someone did a disservice when they failed to teach you what the employer/employee relationship was and what your position was in that arrangement.

    It doesn’t make a difference one way or other – but it’s much easier to skate through life when you understand the basics. It’ll unfold just the same whether you do or don’t though. That’s the good news.
  5. over9five

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    With the flat stock price for seven years now, it may NOT be his decision much longer.

    It may be wise for him to leave now on his own volition with some of his dignity intact, than wait to leave with the footprint on his rear.
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    Is that you, Mike?
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    Hey wokatok
    Why don't you register yourself a name on here or are you in scared to come play?
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    Actually, Wokatok, I DO recognize your writing from another forum. I actually enjoy much of your postings, but that forum has gone down the drain lately, hasn't it?
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    uh-uh. There's no "hall monitors" logged on right now:
    There is now.
    Hey wokatok you week-kneed derogatory
    9.5 is off limits! Show your greasy face you anonymous coward so I can leave you a negative rep like you'll never forget! The gloves are coming off (pointing to myself with two thumbs) and this
    is gonna be throwing the punches.

    Yeah, that's more like it.
    dl,play nice with the other kids please.
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  10. ImpactedTSG

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    This is going to get interesting.
  11. ImpactedTSG

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    Didn't Mike already put in some time driving package cars? Been there done that. He has better things to do like ruin the company.
  12. upsdude

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    Mike never drove anything but his car to work. Read his bio at Hired right into management.
  13. local804

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    Now thats a fact JACK!
    Its good to see someone does his/her homework before they post on the forum. If I had to guess, I would say he was one of the 30 day drivers, but thats not the case.
    Hired right into management, guess he didnt pay his dues huh?
  14. upsdude

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    I had a center manager argue with me about Eskew’s “hourly experience” a couple years ago. This guy was almost screaming that I had no clue what I was talking about. I asked him why the bio was absent any hourly time in Lil Mike’s resume? I went on to tell him most all members of the management committee seamed proud of their time loading, driving, or clerking.
  15. scratch

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    Mike Eskew started his UPS career in 1972 as an Industrial Engineering Manager in Indiana. I have never seen a picture of him wearing "Browns".
  16. over9five

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    I don't think our CEO should have had to start in package.

    We have a CEO with a good head for business to raise our stock.

    Oh...wait a minute...
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    Ya know DS, you were just doing your job as a moderator and a fine job you did. If you would like to speak with me personally your welcome to PM me. Not that I'm trying to make a huge deal or anything, but I think maybe I was a tad harsh. I just didn't appreciate the way that member was attacking over9five the way he/she did. Believe me when I say I would have and would still do the same for you. <sigh> I just thought you would have understood where I was coming from.

    Guilt trip 101!!
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    dl,no need for guilt trips.I merely took out the bad words.Anyone with half a brain will know exactly what you said.Wokatok was probobly some sup that was hypnotized.
    Some sups will sell thier first born to get ahead.
    He may well be a maroon.Would you beat up a maroon and spend 5 years in jail for me and over9?The team spirit is admirable and appreciated ,but it seems that whenever
    the teacher leaves the room,you are the one shooting spitballs.I like your stuff,hell you should have your own show.
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    I never understood moderating forums on the web. There are millions of sites so if you don't like what is posted go elsewhere. It feels like you are in Communist China with all the censorship that goes on here. :bored:
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    If you can not abide by a moderated forum, you could just go elsewhere, you pathetic cringing little milksop. :tt2:

    Moderation was born in the usenet days, when bandwidth was scarce. Flame wars become a waste of bandwidth, and ad hominem attacks are not informative. (For example, I do not actually know if you are cringing. Or little. Or a milksop. And the part about pathos was just exaggeration on my part. So I provided no information in the name-calling part.)

    Back to the topic: When a CEO takes on a worker's job, will he get any special treatment from local management? For a realistic experience, will he have to be a part-time loader for six years before he can drive...with the possibility of washing out?

    My point is that the swap - or a 30-days-of-gravy driving assignment - is a feeble simulation of the real experience.

    Another point I might make is that today's big corporations, in order to remain competitive, need to be run by people who are too aggressive and impatient to work their way up through the ranks.
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