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    Dear Sniper,

    First of all. you sound like a nice guy, sort of in the way that Goober and Gomer were on The Andy Griffith Show. Country boy, good old "True American" values, nice family, military service, and so forth. You love your family, your God, your country and your company. All good things, right? But as nice as you seem, you are pretty clueless about the way FedEx really operates. For all of your dedication to FedEx and Fred, you get a paycheck every week, which is always a great thing. It's obvious that you're Purple from your nose to your toes, and that FedEx Kool-Aid courses through your very conservative veins.

    I'm dedicating part of my precious 13/14 time to try and educate you as to what might happen if you somehow fall into Fred's disfavor. Let me provide a few examples to show you what I'm talking about. I've broken them down into a few basic categories, but there are more. I've got to keep it short so I can enjoy my coffee at Starbucks.

    Accidents: Let's say that you're driving on your route through BFE National Park and a drunk hippie (liberal) tourist runs in front of your truck and you run him over. He flops around for a few minutes and then expires. What can you expect? Based on actual incidents I know of where people were NOT killed by the courier, you will be fired. It will then be up to you and your team of lawyers to get you re-hired. In other words, your beloved FedEx will throw you under the bus because you are a liability. All of your dedication, USMC service, and everything else won't be worth a fig.

    Injuries: Let's say it's another day in BFE National Park and you are walking from your F250 to the USFS Ranger Station to make a delivery to Smokey the Bear. Suddenly, God sends a meteor flying at you from Heaven and you rush to get out of the way, blowing-out your knee in the process. Luckily, God's wrath hits the ranger's still out in back and explodes in a huge ball of flame. A figure of Lucifred appears in the smoke and you drop to your injured knees in prayer. When you get back, you report the injury, which will be ruled "preventable" because you "should have anticipated the hazard" of the meteor and didn't have Anti-Meteor repellent on your USMC utility belt. Next, your doctor says you need surgery because your knee is really screwed-up. You have the operation , but it doesn't go well and the knee is constantly infected and very painful. You need a second operation. But that will put you out past 90 days, right? You cannot return to work, so at 91 days, you just lost your route. You're really upset, but you have Communist Workers Comp to get you through, and then STD. But the knee won't get better and you have to go in and get a knee replacement, and go on LTD. Oh, you're covered, right? But wait!! One day, while watching Gomer Pyle USMC, you get a call on the phone saying your LTD is discontinued because you had a pre-existing knee injury condition from your wartime service in Afghanistan. And, if it doesn't get better in the 90 days you have before termination, you lose your job unless you can find one that doesn't require any lifting or moving around, because your knee is still a mess. Uh oh!! Better break out The Bible, and maybe one of your guns.

    Falsification: For this one, let's say that you have late freight. You're out there in the country trying your level best to get those precious golden packages to their recipients, so you decide to work through your "13/14" and put yourself on "break" in the PowerPad. Well, you're going a bit fast, and Barney and Andy happen to be out on radar patrol that day and you get a ticket for 45 in a 25. No big deal you say, that's just the price of being a great courier for FedEx. Well, at church that Sunday, the pastor and Andy are talking with your senior manager, who doesn't like you because you're the pastor's favorite, and he finds out your ticket was during 13/14 time. Further, one of your customers calls to compliment you on your great service when their PO package was delivered at 13:12, which is when you were supposed to be on break. Further, Barney wrote you the ticket at 13:25, providing a second source of proof that you were working off the clock. When you RTB one day, they ask for your badge and fuel are gone.

    I have many more examples, but I want to enjoy my tall Pike Place with room. Think about some of these scenarios, and how much Fred loves you. You're welcome, Gomer.
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    Just a bit of info, a falsification Warning letter is on file for 5 years
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    The irony of it all - this company would not exist today were it not for falsification.....right, Fred?
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    before powerpads 28 years ago when we hand wrote the abs down on the del logs and then made a big slanty line for the cust to sign up..we routinely del 15 stops in the last 15 minutes. looked good eh'
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    That's how managers keep their jobs, plain and simple.
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    Challenge accepted:

    While you talk about what might happen during my employment I will talk about what HAS happened. I know, I was there 21 years and counting.

    Accidents: Safety above all. I don't wish to dwell on this subject because I am a little "superstitious" about vehicle safety. My goal is to get that 25 year safe driving award jacket, enough said about that, every single day is FOCUS on our most important mission....getting back home safe and sound.

    Injuries: Now I know you have been checking on me...(lol). As a matter of FACT I blew my left knee out at a New Years Eve party, attended at a local hotel with several FedEx employees. The TRUTH is the night manager at the hotel slipped a master key to some thugs. While everyone was in the bar waiting for midnight we had to go back to the room to break out the "mason" jar. As the "thug" exited the elevator, going through women's purses he had stolen from all the rooms on our floor, the "Andy" in me took over. I looked at the thief and my "brother" courier (he is a former cop too, if that really matters) and said "grab him". We went down the hall, I had a choke hold on his neck, J.T. tackled both of us. All three of us went down on my left knee. Torn lateral meniscus. The TRUTH of the story is they all went to jail, I was comfortably numb on Tennessee Tea until about 4:45. When the shine wore off the pain set in. It was all I could do to walk to the car and go to the ER. I was "out" on STD for a couple of months. If I had it to do over I would have asked Gaston Glock for some assistance because my left knee wasn't worth that "thug". But again I stood up for MY oath to serve and protect.

    My second FACT of injuries argument is my wife, a 17 year veteran of FedEx had a triple bypass. Crack your chest open, operation. That was about 3 years ago before the "changes" in our health care. She was out a tad over 90 days but FedEx took individual consideration, like they have for other couriers at out station, held her route and she is doing what she does best. She is doing the purple thing everyday and has a nice scar to prove it. If it matters at all she is ex-UPS and knows the "other side." See like it or not I do know what I am talking about... facts not fantasy.

    Falsification: I was hired in 92 FIRED in 94 for that same "charge". It's a long story for another thread, since we are getting so personal. I stood my ground, followed the GFT process and I was back doing what I do best. Anytime you want to come to East 10-E-C I will demonstrate the FACTS in writing while you are worrying about smokey, goober and gomer.

    and that is the "rest of the story"

    JP in 10-E-C
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    Lots of anecdotal "evidence", but very little proof. I can give you many (also anecdotal due to the need for anonymity) cases of employees getting totally screwed over by FedEx when they were hurt on-the-job. "Individual consideration" is another way to say favoritism, which supposedly doesn't exist at FedEx. Another employee at a different station would have probably lost their route, and possibly, their job. The "rest of the story" sounds concocted, but you're free to fill us in on how you were fired and subsequently re-hired.
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    No kidding!
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    Very true
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    Reminds me of another nice little phrase used a lot to do whatever they want, "Operational needs".
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    Wrong....Falsification = termination.
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    The "night manager" slipped the THUG a master key? And you still work at FedEx? With that tad bit of info you should be RICH, right? Does anyone else see the irony of this story? Surely, you SUED the hotel for your "pain and suffering?" I'm amazed that you post your FedEx vehicle, along with all your weaponry on your Facebook page. Surely you realize that is against company policy. Not sure if Uncle Fred wants to be affiliated with Gunrunners. Matter of fact, maybe Memphis needs to take a look at how their BRAND is being represented.
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    This positive express employee is driving you all insane. Doesn't seem like morale is as low as you all are trying to depict.

    Sniper, did you attend any secret union meetings in your area?
  14. Sniper, I don't know what makes me say this... but I like you. I hope there are more FedEx employees out there like you. I hope what you write about in your personal experiences is true because I enjoy reading them. Two blue collar guys out on the town taking down a robber in a hotel, whilst still able to drink whiskey afterwards. Very manly. It makes me nostalgic for some reason. There is no way to know if you're telling the truth, but I think so. Your casual writing style lends to your credibility. Thank you for your military service. I'm a former Army 11Bravo (USMC - 0311 equivalent). Stay safe.
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    I don't see any problem as long as my "weapons" are not in the vehicle per policy, which I can assure you they are not. I have represented the FedEx "brand" everyday for the last 21 years, 4 months. Opened GR store front July 2008 (before the election, just thought Hillary had it all sewed up). Tennessee did pass the "gun in trunk" and we can keep our 2nd Amendment heritage locked up in our personal vehicle. That was a positive change, even though I don't...its the principle behind the law that is important.

    Nope, didn't sue. That information came out later after the investigation by JCPD. The hotel's insurance paid the medical bills but did not pay for my physical therapy, and I though that sucked. I could have done the same "therapy" at the house.

    It is what it is.

    I am reminded of that 3 or 4 times a year. Would I have done things different, yes. Am I sorry for doing the right
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    You're right. FedEx "is what it is"...a craphole.
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    This "positive" employee needs to have his head examined. He has Type KA Positive Blood, which is purple-colored and almost 100% Kool-Aid. He's "dedicated" enough to be taken advantage of and actually enjoy it.
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    Thank you and thank you for your SERVICE. My son-in-law is an Army "doggy". He is stationed at Ft. Carson, Co very nice post. (I think it's much better than Ft. Polk ,La and much easier to get CO by flying). Now I'm showing my hand a little about the jump seat issue. I keep my certification current because PE Personal Emergency travel can be granted. I do wish regular travel would come back, but there isn't ANYTHING I can do about it. Just glad I got to jump when I did, Vegas 3 times, Boston 1, Hawaii once (got bumped. AFTER I got there....that sucked). But it was all good. Got to fly back commercial from HI to CA and jumped the rest of the way back to TYS. I had $150.00 in airfare for 4 days on the island, after I got reimbursed for interline travel. NO REGRETS.

    Kids are great....but there isn't anything in the world like GRAND KIDS!!!

    Our station has some pretty senior folks. Guessing about 11 in front of me and 35 or so hired after me. Our morale is pretty good. Ten times better than any LE agency I have worked for, State of TN included. We are here because we want to be, or like me "stuck". I like the outlook if I had to be "stuck" somewhere I like it here just fine. FedEx has been good to me and I have been good for the company. I am proud to work for FedEx and devoted almost half of my life to the company.

    Attitude is everything, no matter if that is home life, school, work.

    I don't want to misrepresent anything. It was Scott Co, Va home brew in the mason jar. Jack Daniels and I "met" once in high school, he won. I can smell bourbon now and get goosebumps and my mouth starts watering. A little tequila, beer or shine is fine.

    Tomorrow is FRIDAY...
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    One question.

    Why are you still here?
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    He has his 'exit strategy' in place :rolleyes2: