Cover Driver layoffs, Supervisor Treatment

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Pjo, Dec 10, 2009.

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    Hello, im new to this but here i go. I've been a Ups employee for around 7 years, around 4 years ago i was given the oppurtunity to go cover driving. 3 years later i got laid off (sent back to my twilight shift). I never became a full time utility driver. When i got sent back to my twilight area the Superviser said that i had lost all of my senority. He says the new hires who started a week ago have more senority than me. Is this True? Second, This "SUPERVISER" Has done nothing but treat me with disrespect from the moment i came back. He yells obsenities, tells workers off. I am personally getting fed up with his act. i dont want to lose my job by saying something back but i keep finding it harder and harder to keep quiet. I NEED HELP. WHAT CAN I DO?
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    As far as job choice on twilight I would think its based on where they put you. As far as working at all, you can't be laid off if a less seniority employee is working. Preload, twilight, cover driving and exception air driving are all part-time positions so you can't lose your place because you worked them... our cover drivers that worked preload go back to preload and work when they aren't needed for driving.
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    where does company seniority (first day of employment), not classification seniority, figure in here?
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    It's all about company seniority as PT'er. Goto your steward or union rep and tell them that you are a new-hire and being treated as such by your supervisors. File a grievance for anything you have lost, including new-hires working later than you, or whatever your seniority gripe. There is a phone number you can call if you feel your supervisor is harrassing, intimidating or generally not treating yourself and co-workers right.
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    It may be full.

    Keep trying.

    Take notes with dates and witnesses.

    Stay strong.

    I have been hear about 20 years.

    Seen them come. Seen them go.

    Still here getting paid.