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    I have over 1050 Hours in as a Cover Driver sence last Spring so I've been asking about my pay, shouldn't it go up to $18.45 after I hit 900 Hrs.??? I kept getting I don't know about that from multiple managers and my old Center Manager (he was transfered), so with the acting center manager I ask again letting him know I'd like an answer cause this has been pending to long. He e-mails corp or whoever and the responce was Cover driver stays at $16.10. So I show him the contract reffering to Cover driver and He agress but then finds a catch. Overtime doesn't count and it needs to be 900 straight time hrs. So I calculate that I'm at 851.72 hrs. straight time so they got one over again.

    I only need 48.28 more hours in for that raise but not being used as a cover driver so still waiting. I see also that there are no others raises for me as a cover driver for the remaining time of contract. Once at $18.45 I will stay at that rate till 2013!!!! Now why did our Union agree to that??? Am I really that much less of a driver. I have bad #'s at blind/split routes, (who doesn't), but also out perform others on routes that I do know. I'm not saying I should get top rate but shouldn't there be more progression in pay then this being the kind of work that we do? Ups is saving alot of $$ on us Cover Drivers as is but all these catch 22's is crap. Yea, don't bit the hand that feeds you and be glad you have a job. I know that and haven't wrote grievances yet when they use a manager instead of me to keep my hours under and keeping me from getting in perminent under the 30 in 90 free period. Hard to prove if they have work on truck or not anyways. A catch people don't seem to realize, plus how do you know a manager is working ground if your off at home and they leave when the fulltimers have left the building and can't confirm? I did run air tuesday and saw a manager browned up driven off in a 800 as I headed back to clock out but can't say he had work in truck. They can hide the data of that work. Computers are great aren't they. Does the Union need to have keylogger programs in place that us drivers can access to confirm if documents are falsified? Should I worry bout what I'm saying on here if there is a mole tracing our ip's.

    Another rant, Why couldn't they use me as a Cover driver Class during peak instead of classifing me as seasonal (which also kept me from hitting 900 straight time hours). The Cover Driver is to be used for Vacation; but also as coverage for any Absentism, funeral leave, increase volumn, and any other ground work that can't be done, (shuttling misloads around), cause of shortage of perm. fulltime drivers. They thought I didn't know that. Mistaken my kindness for ignorance isn't playing off with me to well right now. Is there an exception to peak???

    I'm not trying to be greedy. I'll take free days off, (only real benifit of being a cover driver), but I've been pulling off my far share of the work, bouncing around different routes and thinking I have a route figured out for next time, next time comes and the thing same bout that route is the number identifiying it cause it got hacked cut and split to shreads when I'm on it again thereby having to figure it out again, and being held accountable just as equally as the full timers!!! Not complaining cause I work hard at anything I do but in the end Shouldn't we Cover drivers have more of a progresson because of what we have to put up with and not just wait our time. So what if they change it next contract. That's 2 yrs. away. IT shouldn't of been agreed on in this one. Air drivers have a much better progresson and I'm not cutting them down cause I've been a bid air driver for yrs as well and got a pay reduction to do more work, LoL. Cover drivers have more risks and liabilties then air drivers.
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    Read you contract.

    Article 41 section 2(c).
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    ^^ Exactly.

    Your wage progression on the way to the top is based on TIME, not hours.

    Starting pay 16.10
    30 Days - 17.25
    12 Months - 18.45
    24 Months - 20.75??
    36 Months - Top Pay.

    I'm not even reading the contract....I'm in the last year of my progression so I make sure to know what I'm entitled to.

    As far as you not "getting any raises". From what I understand (and I could be wrong) it means you don't get the same raises that the full scale drivers do until the point where you have reached full scale, you only get your steps.
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    We do not think you are greedy, just frustrated. Read the contract, ask you shop steward or a trusted driver in your bldg. Get the answer from somone who doesn't have a stake in your pay.
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    What superball said is correct. Time not hours.
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    Sorry about bumping an old thread, but I'm in a similar situation. I started cover driving in 9/09, air driving 2/10. I'm at top rate for air driving, but still at $18.45 for ground. My steward, oncar and payroll all said it's based on weeks worked (work at least one day in a week qualifies that week, and 50 counts as a year). If that's the case, why is it different for air and ground? I see nothing in the contract that allows this, just the yearly raises until you hit top rate on your 3rd year.
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    You're where you belong. The progression is longer for utility/cover. Air is a 24 month to top scale. Ground is a 36 month progression.
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    Are you Pt that cover drives or FT? I am a PT cover driver (reg temp I think?) I started at 21.13. I will never go below that whenever I go full time.
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    Because the union doesn't give a sh** about Article 40, it seems like a concession. :) In reality the whole thing should be wiped clean. jmo
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    This is one of those things that apparently is different all over. Here we have full time drivers, one driver classed as an air driver, and utility drivers.

    The full time drivers include drivers with a bid route and some like me who do not. I could have a bid route by now, but I chose to be a cover driver. I still am guaranteed 8 hours a day and cannot be laid off out of seniority.

    The one air driver (we used to have more, but all of our air routes except his are now covered by full time drivers and have both air and ground work) only gets the top air driver rate unless they send him back out after air pickups to help with misloads or take work off other drivers.. if he touches a ground package he shoots up to full time rate for the whole day.

    The utility drivers are all part time employees who normally work the sorts or the air ramp but can be called in when all the FT drivers are in the game and routes are still needing to be covered. I did this for almost a year before going on my packet. These drivers get their part time pay if all they do is work their part time job that day, but if they drive at all they get Utility pay of something like $16 an hour for the whole day, which when I did it was double what I made on the air ramp. They do not have an 8 hour guarantee but that is usually not a problem, they are taking out a full route that we have no cover driver for so they are usually gonna be out over 8 anyway. The utility classification is a rider on the local Alaska agreement.

    We do have seasonal drivers but they only work in the 4th quarter. They are gone on Dec 25.
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    Damn---it used to be so simple. By the time you made it through the 1st year you were at top pay.