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    Hey guys, I'm a 6 year part time employee and have been cover driving in pkg for about 4 years. Over the summer I signed a cover feeder bid because I was promised a full time job. I completed and passed my school and my week of productive training only to be put back on preload and to have people below me on road. Yes I have been offered to split shift to get my 8 hours but the whole reason behind me signing it was to be put on the road permanently in some way or another. Before I signed the bid I was told by the union that I would be able to drive pkg when I wasn't driving feeders (that was my #1 question for him before I signed) My management says that since I'm in a different classification now that I can only drive pkg from Jan thru June. Has anyone else ran into this scenario before? Who's lying to me, union or management? Thanks in advance.
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    It sounds to me as though no one is lying but rather that there is a lot of confusion on both parts regarding your situation. We have a couple of feeder drivers here who bounce back and forth as needed and only work on the inside as a last resort.
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    This seems to vary by region, so you will need to look at your contract and supplement.

    In my region, we had a package driver sign a bid for an air shuttle, he was also feeder qualified and covered vacation out of his center. The 1st feeder vacation came up and he was told that he could not cover feeders from air driving and someone with lower seniority covered. That was a deal breaker for him and he bid back into package when a route opened.
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    At my center if you choose to work in the hub for your guarantee you move to the bottom of the on call list. So that could have someone who has less seniority working before you
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    My center if you are full time coverage and have no work on feeders than you can bump anywear in the bldg
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    Talk with your feeder sup's about why you're getting passed over. Although, if you're a reg temp pc driver (Summer - Peak) than that's why you get bumped onto the preload.

    If, however you're a FT pc driver, then when feeders has no work for you, you have the option (not obligation) to bump into delivery. You're only not allowed to bump in IF you've taken your seniority in feeders. If you take your feeder seniority though, then you're guaranteed 8 hours if you choose
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    I am a "bouncer" so to speak. I'm a package driver qualified in feeders. Have been doing this for a couple of years and I like it. But I found early on that I was being passed on feeder work because it was hard to cover my package route when they needed me in feeders. I did not like this to say the least. I had a civil talk with my center manager and he took care of it. It didn't happen again. A heart to heart discussion with your center manager could go a long way. I understand that not every center operates as easily as mine and you may have to push a bit. We are lucky here I guess. Good luck be safe.