Covid-19 Paid Leave (EPL) information

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  1. cachmeifucan

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    It's number 1 and 2 then the 3rd bullet point does not have a number.
  2. cachmeifucan

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    I read it but that added language clouds things up.
  3. 542thruNthru

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    Ok, what are you getting at? Who do you see not getting paid leave because of the MOU that people will get because of UPSers page?
  4. cachmeifucan

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    OK so if you're not feeling well call doctor they say stay home self quarantine but because your not dying you will never get tested. Does that mean I'm covered ups has a way to manipulate everything.
  5. 542thruNthru

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    Yes you're covered as long as that Doctor told you to quarantine and put it in writing.

    We have a few members on here that are doing just that and they have been paid.
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  6. cachmeifucan

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    OK that's good to know because people at my job still coming in sick.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Are sure it's not just the flu?
  8. DRporch

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    I thought this was very easy to understand. Not to sure where you could read this and not understand you’re paid for being quarantine with or without a test
  9. ManInBrown

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    For the 1000th time you do not need to test positive. You do not even need to be tested. You only need to be quarantined by a medical professional and get a note.

    And just a word of advice. If you telemedicine with your personal doctor, and they refuses to quarantine you even know you are telling them you are sick. Call your states health dept. They will be up his or her’s butt so fast they won’t know what hit them. I have a family friend who is a Doctor. He told me the states are telling every medical professional, anyone who is saying they feel sick, who holds an essential job that is still open, do not allow them to go to work under any circumstances. Quarantine everyone. No questions asked. So if your doctor is refusing to quarantine you and you are sick, you should find a new doctor. Because they are a real A hole
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    Nobody should be coming to work with the sniffles.
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  11. Old Man Jingles

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    Your Rights If You’re Exposed to COVID-19 at UPS
    OSHA and CDC guidelines are clear about what management should do if a UPS employee in your workplace tests positive for COVID-19. Here's what to do if UPS isn’t following the rules.

    Every day, growing numbers of UPSers are testing positive for COVID-19. In some areas, union action has forced the company to follow OSHA and CDC guidelines.
    But in others, Teamsters who have been directly exposed to co-workers with COVID-19 are being kept in the dark and not given a chance to get medical advice and self-quarantine with pay.
    Here’s what you should know about your rights and how to make management respect them.

    OSHA Rules: If a UPSer Tests Positive for COVID-19

    If a UPSer tests positive or self-quarantines for COVID-19, they should report this to management. OSHA and CDC guidelines require management to:
    • Inform workers of their possible exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace
    • Contact Health Department authorities
    • Identify employees who have been directly exposed to the sick co-worker
    • Put employees who have had direct exposure in touch with government health authorities to get advice on whether to self-quarantine
    • UPS also has to sanitize affected work areas, trucks, and equipment.

    Confidentiality Do’s and Don’ts
    OSHA requires management to tell workers that they may have been exposed in the workplace— while protecting the sick individual’s confidentiality.
    Management is also required to contact health officials and identify co-workers who have had had direct contact with the sick employee so directly exposed Teamsters can get medical advice and self-quarantine if necessary.
    In some areas, management is following these steps. But in others, Teamsters who have been directly exposed are not being informed so they get medical advice about self-quarantining.
    UPS Teamsters who self-quarantine on the advice of a medical professional or the Health Department or CDC are entitled to two weeks (10 days) of paid leave.

    Holding UPS Management Accountable
    In many areas, UPS is routinely violating these OSHA and CDC guidelines and keeping Teamsters in the dark—even when they’ve been directly exposed to a co-worker with COVID-19.

    There is no silver bullet. But here are tools that working Teamsters can use to pressure management follow the rules and protect our health and safety.
    • File a Grievance that management is violating the contract and OSHA guidelines by inadequately informing employees about their possible exposure to COVID-19.
    • File an Information Request demanding that management disclose the number of COVID-19 cases there have been in the building, the location of each case, and the action UPS took to work with health officials to identify and advise Teamsters who were in close contact with the co-worker who tested positive. Any shop steward has the power under Article 4 of the contract to file an information request.
    • Call OSHA. Management is required to disclose COVID-19 cases to OSHA, subject to the same rules and failure-to-record fines as other workplace injuries and illnesses. If management is keeping the workforce in the dark, the odds are that they are hiding these cases from OSHA too.
    • Contact the Health Authorities in your area and let them know that there are COVID-19 cases in your workplace.
    • Contact Your State Attorney General’s Office or hotline in your state if UPS is violating COVID-19 emergency mandates and Executive orders.
    Letting management know that you’re prepared to take these steps is the best way to get results without having to do so. Contact UPS Teamsters United for help.

    Taking Effective Union Action
    We’re all in this together—and we’ve got to act that way. Before you act, talk to your steward, a safety committee member or other concerned Teamsters.
    If you want management to address a problem, then you need to have proposed solutions. Go to management with specific actions they can take to remedy the situation.
    The company should agree on a protocol with the union that brings them in line with OSHA and CDC guidelines so that Teamsters know if we have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 so we can get advice from medical professionals and health officials and self-quarantine if directed to do so.
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  12. Poop Head

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    Eff this virus! Im gonna eat an :censored2: ton of tidepods and go out with some dignity
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  13. Rack em

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    Tidepods are soooooooooooo 2019. Everyone has moved on to the Cascade dishwasher pods now.
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  14. zubenelgenubi

    zubenelgenubi Well-Known Member

    I still want to know what your experience with STD pay has been.

  15. 542thruNthru

    542thruNthru Well-Known Member

    I've made a lot of money from the experimental side.
  16. Jstpeachy

    Jstpeachy Active Member

    Has anyone gotten the emergency pay, and how long after filing did it take to deposit? I’m dr ordered quarantined due to symptoms and submitted everything last week to the program. 7 business days for a decision was the estimation... at this rate I’ll be back at work before they work out any pay.
  17. Boywondr

    Boywondr The truth never changes.

    Why does it only cover full time employees?!
  18. 542thruNthru

    542thruNthru Well-Known Member

    EPL doesn't just cover full timers. You're thinking of the vacation banking MOU.
  19. Boywondr

    Boywondr The truth never changes.

    The EPL is parallel with the MOU except the MOU excludes part timers from working thru their vacations.

    If, by the EPL's language, ups employees can be paid the 10 days for being quarantined and then be paid out for vacation time etc the MOU does what? Lets full timers (mostly drivers) work their vacations and get paid out after what...? After they get quarantined by the written stipulations or at the end of the year. So what is the difference? The company can staff more seniority drivers this free period, working thru their vacations and pushing back new hires who were ready to start their 30 day driving trial period. I guess they can be vacation replacement all summer? Sounds like a great deal for the company.
    No seniority package car driver should be allowed to work their vacations when it will hold up part time employees who were scheduled to begin or are in the process of completing their 30 day trial period. That's not even right imo.
  20. 542thruNthru

    542thruNthru Well-Known Member

    The vacation banking MOU allows FTers to take vacation weeks that they have already scheduled and bank them. Essentially making it so that they actually never scheduled the vacation.

    Once a FTer does that they can not use that week for vacation and only for if they get sick. If they don't get sick then they will be paid out at the end.

    PTers can still use any entitlements that they have not scheduled. I agree it's not right and PTers should have the same chance but to be honest I think it would be dumb to bank vacation anyways. If you get quarantined you get the 10 days. If you get sick you go on disability.

    The main point is yes the PTers can use EPL and any entitlements that they have available. They just can't bank previously scheduled vacations.