Crash On Pa. Turnpike In Westmoreland County Kills 5, Injures At Least 60

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    Crash On Pa. Turnpike In Westmoreland County Kills 5, Injures At Least 60 - CBS

    Five people are dead and around 60 injured following a horrific crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Two of the five dead were UPS drivers. Daniel Kepner, 53, had worked five years at the company and 48-year-old Dennis Kehler had worked 28 years.

    “Both were driving together in a tractor trailer vehicle out of our Harrisburg, Pennsylvania operating center. Our drivers will be missed and our thoughts and prayers go out to their families,” UPS said in a public statement. “This is all of the information available at this time.”
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    What, exactly, do thoughts and prayers consist of?

    And how, pray tell, does that benefit the families?
  3. Pray so they have the strength to deal with the hardship and grief.
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    Latest news said it was the tour bus driver's fault.

    Police say the bus, with Z & D Tour Inc., was not able to get around a turn, went up an embankment and flipped. Then two tractor trailers hit the bus before a third hit in what state police called a “chain reaction-type crash.”
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    No matter, very sad for our brothers.
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    It might possibly give them some comfort.
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    You see?? You prayed in your post. You stated “pray tell” and look ,you now got 4 direct responses to your request.

    That’s the power of prayer , baby.