Man killed on Pennsylvania Turnpike near Berks County

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    Man killed on Pennsylvania Turnpike near Berks County - Reading Eagle

    The victim, a 25-year-old Brooklyn man whose name was withheld by authorities, was one of three occupants of a Hyundai Sonata that overturned in a single-vehicle crash.

    All three occupants exited the vehicle. The other two occupants fled the scene.

    As the victim was getting out, a UPS truck struck the overturned vehicle, another car and the man, who was pronounced dead at the scene.
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    Why did the other two occupants flee the scene? Sounds fishy to me. Perhaps he was trying to flee but didn't quite make it. I'm getting tired of people fleeing the scene and then it turns out that their rap sheets go back 20 years.
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    At this point the latest news locally is they are looking for the 2 other men. The guy that died was due in court next month. I am 40min from where that took place and nothing has been said locally within the hub.
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  4. Happened at 2:20 am?

    Our driver prob couldn't see him on foot or the crash quickly happened in front of him and he couldn't get out of the way of other vehicles to avoid contact?

    More info would be nice.
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    3 people crashing and overturning their car in the early morning sends all kinds of crazy-signals.
    Maybe they ran because they were all drunk as hell.

    Unfortunately the feeder probably did crash into the car several seconds later.
    It makes more sense if you look at where they crashed.
    Not really an excuse, but these people really did find the perfect spot to overturn and get hit by vehicles behind them. If it was not the feeder, it was bound to be someone else.

    There is still the question of whether there was any additional factors that prevented our feeder from seeing him. They simply may not have reacted in time around the corner
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    That time of night on the turnpike heading to Harrisburg?

    How much dope did the troopers find in the wreck?