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  1. rod

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    What are some crazy jobs you had in your life?

    I think my craziest job I ever had was shoveling :poop::poop::poop::poop: at a mink ranch when I was in 5th and 6th grade. I had to shovel it into a wheelbarrel and run it up a 2 X 12 plank into the back of an old Ford pickup, then drive it out (yes thats where I learned to drive) to a big field and shovel it out again. Learning how to deal with :poop: was a valuable lesson that has helped me numerous time in my life:wink2:
  2. klein

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    I worked in a turkey raw plant.
    From kill, to bits and pieces.
    I was on the cut up line.

    Did that for 3 weeks.
    And ever since then, I don't like turkey.
    The smell of raw bloody turkey is still with me.
    And, I still smell it today on cooked ones.
    For me, it's now not on my menu.
    But, being invited for xmas or Thanksgiving, I do have a little of it with mashed potatoes.
    But, it brings back those awful memories.
    I'm not looking forward to Thanksgiving in Florida.
    Unless, something else is served besides that big bird.

    PS: Tie, I just added another 3 weeks to my 120 years of work.
    Blame it on the good healthcare we have here. They don't let us die..LOL:funny:
  3. upsgrunt

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    Rod, I basically did the same thing except it was hog crap. I'm talking hundreds of thousands of gallons of raw swine manure that had to be sucked from a pit to a "honey wagon" and knifed into our farmland as fertilizer. That smell will be ingrained into my mind forever.
  4. cachsux

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    I was a "fluffer" for Jenna Jameson. Boy she was demanding!
  5. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    OH, btw, wash chicken and Turkey throughly before you cook it.

    It gets dipped in anti-freeze, (green looking), solution, right after it's been killed and plucked.
    (Cooled down as fast as possible to almost a feezing point).

    You don't want to eat that.
  6. rod

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    I always wondered what makes it so delicious:wink2:
  7. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Thanks for warming her up for me. Made my job much easier:happy2:
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    Rod wins! Rod wins! Rod wins!
  9. cachsux

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  10. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Thats funny. I knew a guy that worked in a porn/video shop in Madison Wi. and that was part of his duties. It was a part time job for him while he went to college and he said it was one of the most fun and best paying part time jobs he ever had (except for the mop part):wink2:
  11. Gumbi_sup

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    How about rigging aircraft for airdrops at 25,000. that was kind of cool and weird. Fun job miss it...
  12. beerswiller

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    I did a few odd jobs out of high school, but the the craziest by far was as a night shift convenience/video rental store clerk.

    I was held up at gun point two times in the 4 months I worked their.(I quit after the 2nd time). I had to put up with a phyco boss that accused every employee of theft 2-3 times a week. The local Police knew me by name because I called them almost nightly. I had weird pervs constantly jacking off in the adult video section. Drunk people wondered in from the bar across the street and passed out on the floor, or in the washroom, or tried to start fights. not to mention regular petty thiefs, and people who would argue all night long about a $2 late fee. I had one guy put on such a tantrum he kicked over two racks of food and ran off.

    The washrooms where disgusting.. I was told to use a toilette bowl as a mop bucked. we just squeezed some detergent in to the toilet, then mopped the floors, walls, sink, ceiling..every thing. I used a hose to rinse everything off into the floor drain, and cranked up the heat until it dried.

    After the second robbery i didn't even bother to call the cops. I just called my manager at her home at 4 am and told her I was walking out, and you'd better come and lock up...I've never been back.
  13. DS

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    I quit school in grade 10 and started working at a temp agency,and did tons of crap jobs.I worked at an asphalt company dumping 100 lb bags of asbestos onto a belt ,or unloading them from a train in 100 degree heat.
    I lasted half a day at one place that had about 20 people brushing and sanding rusty steel girders.I was a garbageman,landscaper,and worked for NCR until I hurt my back lifting a 200 lb machine,installed electrical plugs in a a new apartment building until I made the mistake of leaving my tools unattended and someone nicked them.I also shovelled shiT in Banff and singlehandedly ripped out all the tubing that ran the brine in the ice rink there when they upgraded.I was a laundry girl (washing and folding sheets and pillowcases)at Tekarra lodge in Jasper.I was also thier official bear chaser.I was a bellhop in town as well as maintenance at the hotel.I got sick of being broke so I moved back to Toronto and found the music industry.I spent 4 yrs at Alldisc,then went to A and A records,sound insight,and finally , records on wheels where Murray the UPS driver told me UPS was hiring.Thats when I found the craziest job I ever had as a driver and I'm still here.I only mentioned a few crazy jobs I had,in reality.I may even beat out klein.
  14. over9five

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    I can't think of any really crazy jobs...

    I went to work for Brinks as a armored car driver. They sent me out blind (sound familiar?) to do the "Prudential route" in downtown Boston. I didn't know Boston at all, so the plan was the guy in the back would yell the directions thru the partition. Did I mention it was the hottest day of the year, and we couldn't run the ac cuz then I wouldn't be able to hear him? Did I mention there's no opening windows in those things? Did I mention I quit at the end of that day?!?!?

    During the banking crisis in the 80s, I worked for a company that provided armed security for the FDIC when they went in and took over a bank. This was actually a fun job. The FDIC guys were all from the South. Great accents, and they'd always be looking for the best "pie" (pizza, I called it!). Oh yeah, and they always bought...... or the taxpayer did, I guess!
    But anyhow, one day I'm stationed on the fifth floor hallway of a bank in Boston. There's a window overlooking an alley at one end. So I'm looking down and I see all these cats running around. Weird looking cats.... I mention it to the guy who relieves me, so he takes a look. "Oh, those are rats", he says, "lots of them running around".
    Yikes, I was 5 floors up, them suckers were HUGE!
  15. ups1990

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    I had a job installing and repairing "birdwackers". Birdwackers are two prongs that turn parallel to the ground. They are installed on top of billboards that we see on the street and on freeways. Birds, love to sit on top of billboards and do their thing. The wackers rotate and hit the birds so as to deter them from hanging on top.

    When High Scholl was done and over with, a friend who was older, talked me into working for the person that was the inventor of the birdwacker. Man, from street view it doesn't seem that high, but when your on the catwalk of the billboard, it can get a little scary, especially when the wind in blowing. The motors that rotated the prongs which were about 5 feet long each, always broke down and had to be replaced. What a stupid, low-paying dangerous job it was.
  16. PT Stewie

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    When I was in school I worked summers in a cemetary. Some of my duties were to dig graves set up for the graveside services and then bury the person (by hand with a shovel).A little spooky when your a young kid and they leave you out in a remote part of the park to bury someone by yourself.A couple of times we had to dig bodies up for some reason or another.
    It was outside anyway and I got a nice farmers tan.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    My first job right out of high school has a part time job in a Hospital. My job was fun, I would get requests from nurses to retrieve a patient from a room and take him/her to the appointments (x-ray,lab,phys therapy,...etc).

    One day while wheeling a patient to the x-ray room I noticed a large puddle of liquid as I waited at the elevator. Seems while wheeling him down the hall, the I.V. line got tangled in the wheelchair wheel and ripped the needle right out of his arm. When I hailed a nurse to tell her what happened, she "tore me a new one" right there in front of everybody for not being more careful.

    After that, about a day and half later I quit.